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Posted on 05th April 2012 | in Business News

Cleo3 has opened its doors to the evident appreciation of local people. After her first week of trading, the owner of the new furniture and homewares shop told The Ambler that she had been delighted by the response. “I’ve been very busy and there’s been a great deal of interest” she said.

With a background as a fine artist and interior designer, Katrina felt that despite the state of the economy, it was a good time to open a shop. “People still want nice things” she says. And she has had previous experience of running her own business when she lived in the south of England.

“I wanted to do something a bit different from before” she explained. “I have carefully sourced everything so I can keep prices low. Even if you google it, you won’t be able to find it cheaper.”

Katrina loves the outdoors, particularly climbing and walking. She moved to the area three years ago, attracted by both the environment and lifestyle. “There’s a better way of life here. I prefer northern people. I have travelled quite considerably, but this is where I feel happy. We’re an outdoorsy family, we are all really happy here.”

“I like Amble, and Queen Street is a beautiful street” she laughs, “Maybe some people would be surprised at me saying that, but I think it’s true. It’s a beautiful, historic street and there are always people walking up and down.”

Cleo3 sells small furniture, gifts and decorative items for the home. Katrina can also advise customers on interior decoration. “I will offer a walk-through service, where I can visit their house and advise. If people are looking for furniture I have books they can look through and I can order items for them.”


Anna Williams

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