Olympic torch and Mr T missing

Posted on 28th May 2012 | in Community , Heritage & Tourism , News

Sadly, since this photo was taken, Mr T and the torchbearer have been stolen

A tiny garden in Amble has a large following both in the town and on Facebook. The Amble Gardens as it is known to its friends, comprises the usual flowers and lawn; it even has a pond and some gnomes – all fairly run of the mill. But it doesn’t stop there.

The garden at the top of High St, also boasts The Angel of the North, Stonehenge and until recently Mr T and an Olympic Torchbearer. All this on a patch of ground 190 x 70 cms.

We featured the garden in the latest issue of The Ambler, praising it for once again being up to date with current events. Sadly, since then, Mr T and the torchbearer have been removed by ‘persons unknown’ and owner Antony Beal is understandably upset. He told The Ambler:

Can I just say thank you for printing a picture of Amble gardens in your publication but I am sad to inform you that some low life has stolen the torch runner and Mr T, doing damage to Stonehenge in the process.

Mr Beal is vowing to continue his gardening and The Ambler hopes that whoever is responsible will return the two characters to their rightful place.

You can become a friend of the Amble Gardens on Facebook.

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