Town Council Report: May-June 2012

Posted on 30th May 2012 | in Amble Town Council , Community

Meeting Dates:    Town: 7th June; 12th July
Cemeteries:   21st June, 19th July   Big tidy: 29th May 6pm
Finance:            21st June, 26th July   Allotments: 7th July 10am
Jubilee event: 4th June 11.30am -10.30pm

Litter and dog bins
A working party has been set up to look at the locations of these in the town. Although Northumberland County Council workforce will still empty these, the Town Council is now responsible for their maintenance and renewal. N.C.C. have said that no new dog bins can be installed. This type of waste is disposed of in landfill sites and can therefore be placed in normal litter bins or your household landfill wheeliebin.
We will therefore assess where there is unwarranted duplication, too many in a certain area or some which are rarely used and hopefully, with NCC agreement, we can move some litter bins to where they are needed more. Few people want to live in a dirty, messy, rubbish strewn home so why should it be acceptable to make the town we live in so untidy? We should all want a clean town.

Amble 2020
When times are hard and grants are few, you really need something to attract funders’ attention and show them it is well worth investing in your town instead of somewhere else.
Professor Shutt has produced such a document in a very short space of time. The Council have been involved and back this plan to invigorate Amble for its residents and to bring growth and prosperity. It takes a long hard look at the town, ‘warts and all’, then makes lots of suggestions to take forward. There is a plea for funding to complete a new neighbourhood plan involving town organisations and members of the community. Like all of this type of thing, you will possibly not agree with everything but it gives a good, varied basis for discussion about the town’s future. Do make an effort to read it through and join in with your thoughts when the time comes. We should all want to have a say in how we see our town developing.

Amble action group
Originally set up under the Council’s ‘wing’ to plan a Jubilee event, this is now an independent group as the volunteers quickly decided that they would like the June celebration to be the first of many througout the year for all the town to enjoy and also to bring visitors into our area. They have all been working extremely hard to plan an all day event for Monday 4th June with lots of different activities so everyone will have a day to remember.
Hopefully you have all been busy contributing to the fundraising which has been going on in the last few weeks- how many of you are surprised to find you didn’t know as much as you thought about the town and have struggled with the group’s town quiz? Although the main outside activities are booked, lots of people are still needed to help on the day- manning stalls, first aid, lost children, marshalling the parade etc.
There are many of us who still remember gathering round to watch a neighbour’s television as so few had one in the early 1950s!; being given a coronation mug and/or prayer book; enjoying the street parties for the Coronation, the Silver and Golden Jubilees.
Let’s all join in, give a few hours to help, and make this a time to live on in our children’s memories for years to come.

Councillor’s corner
Since recently becoming an independent town councillor for Amble Central Ward, I have been amazed at how little I knew about Amble and how it survives- as survive it does.
I moved here with my family in 1996. Over  fifteen years I have watched the fate of Queen Street fluctuate, along  with changes in the economic climate. I had not appreciated how much work is undertaken by the town council, local businesses and small groups of  dedicated volunteers. They are all working together to make Amble a vital and prosperous place to live.
How many of you are as unaware as I was about these ‘passionate about Amble’ residents. It is inspiring listening to people born in Amble, and newcomers, talking with enthusiasm about a better Amble, and how to make it happen.
Everyone can play a part in making the town a vibrant, prosperous place to live and raise a family. Something as simple as helping out with the litter picking events can make an immediate impact to welcome visitors to our friendly port.
Cllr Kate Morrison

Jubilee event
‘Amble in Action’ has now been officially formed as a separate entity from the Town Council so that it can administer its own funds and apply for grants in its own right.
Plans for its first event to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee are well underway. This is set for Monday 4th June and there will be lots going on from mid morning until late at night- look out for posters giving the details.
There will be a few fundraising events organised over the next two months to help pay for entertainment etc. and also raise money for future events so there are things on Amble’s calendar throughout the year – maybe a Community Bonfire Night.
Please generously support these but also come forward with ideas for events or fundraising. If you can, offer to be part of the group or to help at an event, as it is only with community support that this venture can succeed.

Parish meeting
This was held in April. It was good to have so many organisations represented as well as some members of the public. This was the first time that it has been held in conjunction with Amble Community Forum and everyone agreed that it was a very worthwhile meeting. It brought all up to date on the activities of various groups in the town and details were also available about the Jubilee celebrations, the planned Supermarket and the Amble 2020 draft plan.

Town clean up
There is to be a special effort to tidy up the town for the Jubilee event and the coming of the Olympic Torch. Do come along even if you can only spare half an hour- the more who turn up, the greater the efforts made and the better the town will be for all! Bring all the family to the Town Square at 6pm on Tuesday 29th May. Groups will spread out  from here to cover various parts of the town. Fingers crossed for a glorious evening!

Your councillors

Robert Arckless – 37 Anne Crescent, Amble, NE65 0QZ – Tel: 01665 711938
Helen Lewis – 11 Kennedy Road, Amble, NE65 0QH – Tel: 07762069026
Craig Weir (Chair) – 76  Priory Park, Amble, NE65 0HY – Tel: 01665 712342

Leslie Bilboe – 10 The Close, Amble, NE65 0HZ – Tel: 01665 713364
Ian Hinson (Chair) – 11 Eastgarth Avenue, Amble, NE65 0LW  – Tel: 01665 710583
Sam Palin – 40 Bisley Road, Amble, NE65 0NP – Tel: 01665 714115

Rev. Velda Nicholson – 24 Glendale, Amble, NE65 0RG – Tel: 01665 713796
Kate Morrison – 3 Island View, Amble, NE65 0SE – Tel: 01665 711191
Jane Dargue – 10 Sylvia’s Close, Amble, NE65 0GB – Tel: 07795360513

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