Discover Amble on a different level

Posted on 04th July 2012 | in Community , Heritage & Tourism , News , Young People’s Activities

Play AmbleGPX:

AmbleGPX is a fun game which combines online clues and information about Amble, with realworld treasure hunt-style trails.

It’s a great way to find out some of our local history and famous sights, allowing the player to experience Amble on a different level.

AmbleGPX is unique to Amble. It was created by local young people who worked with professionals and community groups to help residents and visitors discover more about the ‘Friendliest Port’.

Players can find local walks, learn about Amble’s history, experience our wildlife, watch videos of local characters and discover sights and information that only the locals know.

It’s free to play and there’s a chance to win prizes.

If you have an ipad, iPhone, Nokia or Android smartphone you can access the game via 3G or using  free wifi spots* around the town. Or you can play on the laptops which are available in Pride of Northumbria, Amble Development Trust and [X]IT games for you to use.

Come to Amble, go to and sign up to have fun.

See the YouTube video here:

*free wifi is currently available at Amble Development Trust, The Wellwood, Pride of Northumbria, and Spurreli’s

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2 thoughts on "Discover Amble on a different level"

  1. Ethel Looney says:

    Could you please tell me, why the East cemetery gates are kept LOCKED ?
    What is the point of having seats in there, if you can’t get in to sit on them ?
    All ‘fine and dandy’ if you are able-bodied, you can climb over the wall. What do you do, if like me, you are disabled ?
    Sit on the wall and hope the G-force from the passing traffic will blow you in ?!?

    1. Elaine Brown says:

      In response to Ethel (Hi Ethel)
      The gates to the East Cemetery don’t actually lock, it’s the weight of the gates that makes them appear locked but if you turn the knob anti-clockwise and push you shouldn’t have a problem entering to sit on the seats.

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