Update on the Consultation at the former Border Laird site in Amble

Posted on 11th July 2012 | in Business News

Border LairdPete Ward, Chief Operating Officer of Young’s Seafood Limited, said: “Over recent months we have been exploring the option of selling the former Cumbrian Seafoods’ Border Laird business (now known as Ocean Pure) as a going concern. Unfortunately, the third party that had an interest in the langoustine business has now withdrawn their offer. We have no other third parties interested in buying the business. Following this development, and the collective consultation process, we have considered all options, and we are today announcing the closure of the Border Laird facility with the loss of the remaining 38 roles.

“Factors considered as part of the consultation process, which has lasted over five months, included cost, financial sustainability, quality and technical standards, and manufacturing capabilities. We have explored all options in detail, including retaining the business, transferring the volume into Young’s facilities, and selling the business as a going concern, but unfortunately, no financially viable option has been found for the site moving forward.

“We’d like to stress that this outcome does not, in any way, reflect on the dedicated and experienced staff at the site. They have continued to work hard during this period, they have played an active role in the consultation and the sale process and they are, undoubtedly, a great team. We will start individual consultation with staff about options for the future, the potential to apply for any vacancies within Young’s Seafood Limited, and we will work hard to redeploy as many roles as possible. Employees will be given priority for suitable roles within the Young’s business.

“Our priority is to ensure that the employees affected by this announcement get the support they need by working closely with them, local agencies and other key stakeholders.”

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