Fish and chip jumpers

Posted on 07th August 2012 | in Community

The click of knitting needles can be heard all over Amble and the surrounding areas as people of all ages join together to knit small jumpers, hats and blankets for newborn babies and their mothers in the Fistula hospital in Ethiopia.

They are called Fish and Chip jumpers because due to lack of anything else when the babies are born they are wrapped in newspaper. The patterns are free and can be picked up at The Pin Cushion on Queen Street in Amble.

Helen Cutts, owner of The Pin Cushion explained, “We have a small craft club which meets on a Wednesday afternoon. One of the members brought in her pattern and a jumper and hat to show the rest of the group. We all loved the idea and I put the jumper and hat on display, photocopied the pattern and it all just went from there. The pattern is easy to follow and you can use all the odd bits of wool you have left over. Completed articles can be handed in to The Pin Cushion.”

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