Rebecca’s got it taped!

Posted on 09th August 2012 | in Community , News

Most of us experience some aches and pains at one time or another, so it’s good to hear that Amble is getting its own physiotherapy clinic.

Chartered physiotherapist Rebecca Broderick is moving her clinic to the town, in partnership with Hazel Small of holistic treatment centre Insync., offering a new service to the area. At the moment, the nearest physiotherapists are in Warkworth, Alnwick or Morpeth.

The physiotherapy business is operated by Rebecca Broderick who has over 13 years’ experience as a qualified physiotherapist, both in the UK and abroad.

She has a wealth of knowledge in the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal pain (joint, muscle and ligament), sports injuries, spinal assessment and rehabilitation of everyday aches and pains.

Treatment varies from manual techniques ( joint mobilisations, soft tissue release, muscle energy techniques), acupuncture, clinical Pilates (specific exercises to improve function and reduce pain in more chronic conditions) and Kinesiology taping (also known as K-tape or the brightly coloured tape you have been seeing on lots of athletes this summer!)

Unfortunately, the project has been delayed by accommodation problems. But Rebecca and Hazel hope to open in Amble in the next few weeks.

Hazel offers a variety of treatments including sports rehabilitation, colonic hydrotherapy and other holistic treatments.

For more information or any questions please visit the website or contact Rebecca via phone 07790 701353 or email
Hazel’s contact details, 07943827439, email:

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One thought on "Rebecca’s got it taped!"

  1. Good luck to Rebecca and Hazel with finding a suitable clinic. In the meantime, I wonder if you will be offering physiotherapy services via home visits?

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