Dancing her way to the top

Posted on 13th August 2012 | in Community , Young People’s Activities

Considering the size of Amble, there are an amazing number of talented people. Few more so than Rebecca Russell, who is well on her way to becoming a top class dancer. She takes daily medication to manage a kidney condition, but never complains or lets it stop her from doing what she loves. She has been dancing since she was three and now, at twelve, her talent has received recognition, and she really wants to go to performing arts school to study dance at degree level.

Rebecca currently does twelve dance lessons a week in tap, ballet, modern, jazz and contemporary. There are no council or government funds to tap into for young talented dancers in Northumberland, so her mum, Mandy, has set up a small charity and is raising the money to pay for her tuition and competition fees, which are in excess of £3,000 per year.

Rebecca won her first Royal Academy of Dance competition in September 2011.  She has also performed on the “Big Dance Bus”, part of the Olympic celebrations, and she also did a solo ballet dance stage in Alnwick Market square for the Olympic Torch event. She did a “curtain raiser” dance performance at Alnwick Playhouse on Thursday 28 June for the professional performance of Northumbriana.

“But I suppose the high point of the year will be the summer show celebrating the 25th anniversary of Alnwick Academy of Dance, at the Playhouse, where Rebecca will be performing in five dances.” said Mandy.

Rebecca and Mandy have to work hard fundraising to pay for her training. They have raised £1,300 so far, and this has paid for Rebecca’s dance fees for two terms, dance gear, exams, and competitions.
“Although it has not been enough to cover all the costs, we are hoping that the sponsored walk on Sunday July 8 will generate the remainder needed for 2012.

(The walk raised over £900 with Rothco Independent Mortgages donating £400, support was fantastic).   We are planning more events and activities ” said Mandy.

If you would like to know more about Rebecca’s activities, please visit www.bursaryfund.co.uk

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