Bootcamp beats the flab

Posted on 14th August 2012 | in Clubs + Societies , Community

An Amble based charity is opening its doors to another fitness based class. The “Boys Club Bootcamp” is open to both males and females who want to increase their overall fitness levels and flexibility. “The idea is that the boot camp will offer rapid weight loss if combined with a sensible diet and other light exercise,” said Bruce Durham, one of the instructors.

“It’s once a week and you will do only 30 minutes’ exercise in total during the class,” said John Kelly, the other trainer at the club, who has also kindly donated kit to the class through Kelly Construction, Master Builders.

“Ladies and men can attend the circuit classes; it’s being planned for both. The beauty of circuit classes is that you do what you can manage; you’re not competing with anyone else, but you have got the support of the rest of the class, that helps you to keep going.

“We have planned it so that no matter what, even if you do nothing else all week, plan 30 minutes once a week into your life and see the difference. We have the fantastic kit through a grant we got from the Council, we have a huge bass sound system that keeps you pumping, and you have a number of enthusiastic instructors who really get you going for the whole duration of the class, all what you need for you to lose weight .”

The club runs on Thursdays 6 – 7pm at Amble Boys Club and costs £2 per session. As with all fitness classes, if you have any health problems you will need to get the all clear from your doctor before you attend.

This article has been amended because we originally gave the incorrect day. Apologies. The club runs on THURSDAYS

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