Jean retires after 21 years

Posted on 14th August 2012 | in Amble Links First School , Education

St Cuthbert’s First School said goodbye to Jean Dawson, their cook of 21 years, on Thursday 14 June.
The school can no longer sustain their kitchen without running at a loss, so the facility has had to be mothballed. School dinners are now supplied by the Links First School kitchen just over the way.

Jean has seen many changes in her time at the school: there have been lots of different menus, and the introduction of the healthy eating programme made the meals better. Jean said, “The children enjoy their meals and are willing to try new menus.”

There were lots of presentations and the Head said, “We offer Jean our heartfelt thanks for all her hard work and dedication. She has become part of the family.”

The pupils said their goodbyes and gave her lots of hugs, then the Head ushered them out into the sunshine, saying it was a lovely lunchtime.

One pupil told Jean, “Lunch times are always lovely because your cooking is the best.”

Jean said she will miss all the children but she plans to get into her garden and make a place for the garden furniture presented to her by the staff. She will also have more time to be with her own grandchildren.

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