Alnwick Torch Festival

Posted on 28th August 2012 | in Community

On day 27 of the torch relay, the Olympic torch travelled a total of 140.2 miles from Edinburgh to Alnwick. One-hundred-and-thirty torchbearers carried the torch from 7.05 that morning until 7.20 in the evening when Lewis Denny lit the cauldron. During the festival, which began at 4.00pm, locals entertained themselves with the help of the sponsors.

Lloyds TSB had a mini dance competition including both audience members and the performers. There was also a chance to help support one of the four charities and possibly win tickets to the Olympics.
Coca Cola had a ‘Move to the Beat’ van, where people could create their own beat from various sound bites from Olympic events. They also gave away free bottles of ice cold Coca Cola.

Samsung on the other hand had a van that was made into a Samsung phone display. Before you could enter, Samsung workers took a picture, with the new Samsung Galaxy S3, of people showing their excitement by jumping up and down with balloon things.

All three sponsors gave the crowd the opportunity to have their picture taken with the torch, and handed out goodies such as ribbon, wristbands, musical beaters and balloon wavers. At 6.00pm, the sponsors’ concert started with a video about the Olympics. After that, a Spanish Band followed by a dance routine from the Lloyds TSB dancers on tour with the torch.

Then it was Samsung’s turn to entertain the crowd, letting runners-up from ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ in 2009  Twist and Pulse, on to the stage. The crowd loved every moment of it. Lastly, Coca Cola played their part by including the audience in making a beat that everyone could dance along to. Ending their part of the show was a band from Newcastle called ‘The Little Comets’.

Then at about 7.20pm, the moment we had all been waiting for, Lewis lit the cauldron sending a roar of excitement and pride throughout the crowd. After a few words from the tired 16-year-old torchbearer, the crowd began to disperse.

Nina Samra

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