Amble Links allotment thrives despite weather

Posted on 09th October 2012 | in Amble Links First School , Education , News

The children at Amble Links First School have proven themselves to be gardeners despite the summer rains.  The children  helped to plant the seeds throughout the spring months, this was an exciting bit of the process.

What they maybe did not realise then is that it takes a lot of hard work to get the crops to thrive.  Whilst there was little watering needed  there was still plenty of weeding to be done.  The children had to learn to distinguish a weed from the crop being grown which is not easy when you are only eight.

Patience is something the young gardeners were learning too as the plants did not grow overnight! They also had to learn about the different needs of the crops some growing above the ground and some below.

We had to share the ground with the rabbits, pigeons and slugs got the better of us with the cabbages but we had great success  with the kale, lettuce, runner and barlotti beans as well as courgettes (many the size of marrows), onions, rhubarb, beetroot,  rocket, mange tout, carrots, potatoes and leeks.  The school kitchen were pleased to receive the crops and provide more healthy options for the children.

An extra bonus for the children was tasting the produce, some of which were new to them.  There were lots of favourites including the gooseberries which were very popular with the staff.

Now the children are back at school they can reap the rewards of their hard efforts.  We look  forward to lovely soups made with the leeks, beans, potatoes and swede before it’s time to start the process of digging over the ground ready for next year.

Well done to all the children who helped.

Paul Heeley, Headteacher

Cathie Gascoigne

The staff and children at Amble Links would like to thank Cathie for the huge contribution she has made to the life of our school.

She reads with children on a weekly basis and spends many hours with children working on our school allotment.  During the holidays Cathie could still be seen tending the allotment.

It has been a joy to see the children’s faces when they have been outside picking the produce they have grown.
Thanks Cathie, your contribution to our school really is valued!

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