Lifeboat takes the sting out of situation

Posted on 09th October 2012 | in Community

Amble all-weather lifeboat The Four Boys was called out on 19 August to a private angling boat with engine problems, approximately half a mile east of Coquet Island.

Volunteer crew members were paged at 15.19 hours to help a local eight metre angling boat, Wasp.
The launch was requested when it became known she had no propulsion and as a result no viable method of steering or controlling the vessel.

Another nearby boat, Morning Star, remained with Wasp until the lifeboat was in sight.
The Four Boys was on scene in approximately ten minutes.  She took Wasp and the four people on board under tow and made best possible safe speed back into Amble Harbour.

RNLI Coxswain John Connell said, “The calm seas and good visibility made this task straightforward for our volunteer crew members thanks to their regular training, but this is not always the case when mechanical failure strikes and the situation can often be very different.

We would like to thank Morning Star for standing by with Wasp until we could take responsibility for her.”

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