The proceeds of parking tickets

Posted on 09th October 2012 | in Business News , Heritage & Tourism , News , Northumberland County Council

The county council has published results of its Parking Services Performance for April to August. The figures tell us how many parking fines were issued, still outstanding,  completed and income received. Obviously, bigger centres  issued more fines and produced higher income while some smaller villages had no notices issued.

Here are some of the figures, comparing Amble with Alnwick and Rothbury.  In Alnwick, a total of 849 notices were issued, of which 540 have been settled, raising an income of £17,710. This was the result of what is described as “visit hours” totalling 634.81. Rothbury had 29.45 visit hours, 10 notices issued, 7 settled and income produced of £220.
Amble received 167.58 visit hours, 191 notices were issued, 142 settled, and income received was £5,190.
Other figures published included cancelled notices and challenges that had been rejected. These were generally in proportion to the number of notices issued.

All figures can be seen on The Ambler’s Facebook page:

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