Through the Lens 2013

Posted on 23rd October 2012 | in Amble Photographic Group , Community , What's On

The photograph competition continues with everybody taking photos ready to enter in the exhibition in May next year. The two categories this time are ‘Portraits of People’ and ‘Coast and Castles of Northumberland’.

Questions have arisen about the subjects of the photos and we hope this will make it clearer. As far as portraits go, they do not have to be just head and shoulders. The subject can be doing something, sitting, standing, in a favourite place or against a neutral background: something which tells us something about the person pictured.

Each photo in the other category does not have to show coast and castle. Each can be of either coast or castle – or both, if you wish. A tip from a professional photographer: Capture the scene at different times of the year and the day – try to get it in different light.

It is a competition and it is great to win a prize, but all those photos which are not winners will still be in the exhibition in May and that is what brings in visitors: they come to see all of the photos. Photographs should be mounted on card, which should be no bigger than 20 inches by 16 inches.

The competition is organised by a committee of volunteers from St Cuthbert’s Church and Amble Photography Group. Thanks go to individuals, who have donated to prizes in previous competitions, and also to Amble businesses, some of which have donated generously for each of the three competitions.

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