Michael’s blog: “a view from the dark”

Posted on 11th December 2012 | in Heritage & Tourism

A view from the dark

Hi my name is Michael Lowery and I am a totally blind 24 year old living alone in Amble. I have been here since June, captivated by its coastline and heritage. I was intrigued to learn about its natural expansion from an industrialised coal field to a modern day tourist attraction with its own harbour and caravan park;  astonished by the plethora of accents   spoken around me, ranging from the gentle Northumberland tone to the broad Geordie intonation. I fondly remember walking down the main-street for the first time. The evocative smells coming from the various cafes; pubs; takeaways is an experience I will never forget.

I recall strolling along the rounded pier listening to the waves as they kissed the shore. I heard  the fishing boats gently bobbing on the sea. Then there were the life boats standing down beside the docks. My heart sunk when I thought about the brave men who man them, taking risks to save lives despite difficulties at sea.

I now know the area, confidently thronging my way through the bustling market on Sundays. Even now I stumble across unusual characters on my travels. Increasingly people come from afar to renovate the area, then again I stumble across those reminiscing about the good old days as the working man’s culture has left its legacy.


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