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Don’t park here, can’t park here

I would like to respond to the letter by Elsie Dixon about the parking of their mini bus, which they use for the transport of their residents from Rochell House. I can understand that it is difficult to park the bus outside the house all of the time but is there any need to park it in the only disabled parking bay in the Queen Street car park?

As far as I know the residents get on and off the bus outside the front door of Rochell House then it is driven by an able-bodied person to the disabled parking bay and then left for days and even weeks until it is needed again, I find this an abuse of the disabled parking badge that they have and also very inconsiderate to other disabled people that visit Amble and cannot park near the information centre or the toilets. I appreciate that parking can be a problem and that something needs to be done so the mini bus can be in easy reach in case of emergencies, but until the problem is resolved they should refrain from commandeering the only disabled parking in the car park and maybe park across the street next to the Marina or near the funeral home.

Name and address supplied

It is very distressing to see that Amble Development Trust’s “flagship” – Queen Street – is dying.

The demise is being hastened by the heartless over-enthusiasm of the present “traffic management”.  The catalogue of needless persecution of shoppers continues to grow as increasing numbers announce their intention to take their custom elsewhere, and not return.  Shopkeepers and business people have become very frustrated and demoralised, feeling utterly powerless to do anything about it, let alone have their dangerous predicament recognised by Northumberland County Council.

Fruitless meetings have taken place with no prospect of any action, hidebound by the old outdated costly systems of prolonged “consultations” and “procedures”, with “no money”.   The latest County Council Highways Committee offer is only to have yet another meeting to consider the position in April next year.   By then it will be too late – the damage will be irrevocable.

Articles appear in “The Ambler” seeking to develop a marketing campaign to “Try Amble First”, to create employment, and to increase tourism.   We read that “proper consultation will take time”, while the present government policy is to clear away such “red tape”.


The ONLY WAY that Amble will survive and revive is that parking in Queen Street should be free for 1 hour right down BOTH SIDES of the street.

Parking Bays (defunct for years now) must be eradicated immediately.  (The only wagon of consequence now is the Butchery delivery, which usually stops in the middle of the street for the short time required, if no side space is available).

There must be complete change in the attitude of “traffic management”, to be helpful and encouraging, with penalties reserved for overstaying 1 hour.

“Consultations” have already taken place – no need for more.  County Council permission to proceed could be given immediately.  It now knows the position, and restrictions are being removed – not imposed.

Cost is minimal, and volunteer help is already offered.

The Town Council and Amble Development Trust have declared their intention to work together for Amble’s future prosperity.

This will be the most stimulating first step for recovery, and is absolutely essential to keep Amble the “Friendliest”, and ALIVE.

Dr. AG Findlay , Warkworth

Helping Auntie Annie

I am attempting to help my Aunt Annie Elizabeth Hutchinson Dixon born 5 March 1933 Amble trace her ancestry with a view to finding out where the Hutchinson part of her name originates.

Having spent many hours researching, I am hoping that you can assist me.

My Aunt does not know the birth date or place of birth of her father Norman Hutchinson Dixon though the GRO Death Index gives a date of 24 February 1902 (not verifiable without more information.)

Annie Dixon nee Freeman married William Simmons 21 September 1918 at Alnwick Register Office. Annie, having been married before, to James Dixon, had three children by him…Norman, James & George; not necessarily in that order.
Norman married Elizabeth Frederica Hardwicke as Norman Hutchinson Dixon 1 September 1928 at St. Mary (Tyne Dock) South Shields.

James married Annie Shaw 8 December 1929 at Amble Congregational Church where he states that his residence at the time of marriage was 7, Lime Street, Amble. (This ties up with the information already known that the Simmons family lived next door to The Schooner Inn.)

Annie Shaw’s father was Matthew Shaw who married Emma Arnott September Quarter 1901 at Alnwick Registration District. They had three children that I know of: Mary Jane Shaw born March Quarter 1902 Amble; William Lionel Shaw born December Quarter 1903 Amble; Annie Shaw born March Quarter 1906 Amble.

Please can any of your readers supply me with further information regarding the Dixon children: Dates & places of birth?; Who George married, when & where? Are there any of James & Annie’s children still alive; and living locally, who can tell me birth/death details of their father?

Angela D. Hardy
Tel: 01377 256377

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