Town Council Report: Dec 2012

Posted on 18th December 2012 | in Amble Town Council , Community , Heritage & Tourism

Town Councillors Kate Morrison and Jane Dargue at Amble Christmas Fayre

Town Councillors Kate Morrison and Jane Dargue at Amble Christmas Fayre

Amble at Christmas
ISN’T IT wonderful to see Amble so brightly lit this festive season? We are grateful to those who give up their time working all year round to maintain the lights and then spend 4 weekends putting them in place for our enjoyment. This year the torchlight procession was enhanced by a street market and fayre.

A small group of volunteers – Amble Action Group – organised this but were helped on the day by other voluntary organisations. Other events are planned to ‘put Amble on the Tourist Map’ as it is acknowledged that this is the growth industry.

We all want our town to be a great place to live and relax in but we also need to encourage visitors in order to provide employment. Why not give a small amount of your time to help these voluntary groups make our community a better place for all.


Public footpaths
AS YOU WANDER through towns, villages and the countryside, you see small fingerposts highlighting footpaths which you are free to use. They are clearly marked on ordnance survey maps. Many are regularly used as shortcuts but lots are used for leisurely strolls and healthy walks. Over the years some paths have become neglected and difficult to negotiate.

Recently a number of Councillors have been walking the definitive public footpaths around Amble to assess their condition before reporting back to the full Council. A letter with the condition report will be sent to NCC who has a duty to see these are retained in a walkable state and to maintain them to a standard where no-one is in any danger.

In the spring, when the weather is milder, the group will be looking at ‘paths’ which people frequently use but which are not actual ‘rights of way’. They will need your help not only to decide where these are but also who uses them. Evidence of 20 years unrestricted use needs to be established before new footpaths can be put forward to be recognised as rights of way.

Some may question why bother? It is a strong means of preventing complete mass development on an area as, once recognised, permission has to be sought to either close it or to divert it – it cannot just be destroyed without very good reason. Each of you can help either by letting Cllrs Dargue, Lewis, Morrison and Rev. Nicholson know where you like to walk or, if you should encounter them on a footpath, by signing a witness statement so the process of registration can begin.


West Cemetery memorial wall
CHRISTMAS is one of those times when, if possible, we like to be with our family and friends; a time when our thoughts turn to those who are no longer with us. Many people choose this time to visit the cemetery getting comfort from being closer to their loved ones and to place flowers or wreaths on graves. For some, this is not possible as family members are not interred in our cemetery. However there is now a memorial wall where, for a small fee, you can place a commemorative plaque, and sit on the seat looking over to Warkworth and the countryside as you reflect on the happy times you all shared. Please contact the Clerk for details.


Philip Drive play area
IT MAY NOT be very big but lots of young people enjoy the multi activity centre here. However our staff are finding anti- social behaviour by older children and young adults is increasing, recently resulting in lots of broken glass on the play surface. These small shards not only cause a lot of discomfort to small children who may fall onto them but are very time consuming to remove. Just as in other areas, for example removing graffiti, this means money that could be used more constructively within the town is having to be spent cleaning up. If you see anyone engaging in anti-social behaviour, please report them to the police. You can remain anonymous; perhaps if we all do this, we can encourage more responsible actions from this small minority of our population


Councillor’s Corner
THE TIME is fast approaching to choose a new Council for your Ward in Amble as the whole Council, nine Councillors is due for re-election.
All of you who have said in the past that the Council is inactive, or useless, now have the opportunity to do something about it. Apply for election, get elected and you’re home and dry.

A word of warning though: the Council is not the Treasury which some people seem to think it is. There are no fancy little gimmicks like attendance and travel allowance available. (If you attend some business on behalf of the Council then you can claim travel allowance but this happens very rarely.) Don’t be put off by such deficiencies as the lack of money. Now is your chance to sort out the old Council big-time. Don’t forget to bring your ideas on what you want to see happen in Amble, which will probably not happen overnight. You have three months to think about it before you need to submit your nomination papers, but help is at hand in the Council Office on Harbour Road.
Best of Luck!
Cllr Ian Hinson


TOWN COUNCIL OFFICES,  THE QUAYSIDE, AMBLE. NE65 0AP   Tel: 01665 714 695      Elaine Brown (Town Clerk)  Angela Burn (Clerical Assistant)       
10-11.30a.m. & 1.30-3p.m.  Monday to Friday     Minutes available to view in Office or at Amble Library

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