Puffins prepare for Festival

Posted on 01st March 2013 | in Capt'n Coquet's Corner , Heritage & Tourism , What's On

puffins-on-cliff-plus-boatAs the time draws closer for the return of the puffins to Coquet Island at the end of March, the RSPB wardens are picking up the pace and making their last minute preparations so everything is in place for the puffins to be primed with perfectly preened plumage and ready to party and parade on Coquet’s cliffs for passing pirates, punters on pleasure boats, people on private craft, and possibly Popeye puffin’ on his pipe!

Coquet Island is a puffin paradise and each year more than 18,000 pretty pairs make the RSPB reserve their home, to nest and produce their pufflings in the safety of this special protected sanctuary.

The island is prohibited to the public all year round so that the habitat and peace and tranquillity are preserved for the birds that shelter there in winter and propagate in summer!

We will probably have some 44,000 nesting birds by the peak of the season and, with luck and a prolonged pause in the precipitation, plan to pack some prime puffin video pictures off to the festival to play back for the public’s pleasure.

If you would like to participate and sponsor a Coquet Puffin, visit the Coquet Island Facebook page for full details and to find out how you can be proud to be part of this principal performance and be pleased to partner the RSPB to protect our pufflings, their parents and their pals from the perils of pollution, pipefish and predation.

Photo: Puffins on Coquet Island with sailing ship by Paul Morrison

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