Trust Life – Spring 2013

Posted on 01st March 2013 | in Community , What's On


What next at Northumberland Foods factory site?

Hello and welcome once again to Life at the Trust. As we begin a new year there are some exciting developments taking place or being organised.

The observant amongst you will have noticed that the former Northumberland Foods factory is now being demolished. This will be sad for many but hopefully marks the beginning of a positive transition for the site. A feasibility study is being carried out to try to determine what may replace the factory, hopefully creating employment.

The Town Team, comprising representatives from the Trust, Town Council, Business Club and Amble Action Group are making progress with plans for the Puffin Festival, which will take place over two weeks from 18th May to 1st June. Lots of groups, organisations and volunteers have come forward to offer assistance, but more are always welcome.

The Puffin Festival is the first event to be organised under the Mary Portas project, which you may remember secured £10k to deliver events and Try Amble 1st Campaign. There seems to be a misconception that this money is purely for one event – not so! The money has to deliver what was in the application as well as attracting additional funding. I hope this clarifies everything, because I am aware of comments made on Twitter and Facebook.

Interest in the Puffin Festival is growing, with enquiries coming from many corners of the globe. So let’s make the most of the opportunity to show our visitors what Amble hospitality is all about.

Pride in Amble volunteers have a number of planting schemes organised for the town,  working in conjunction with HMP Northumberland who are growing plants on for the group. A plan for replanting the town square is currently being discussed, which we hope will reduce the maintenance required.

As work on the pavilion nears its conclusion we will be looking at some form of opening event to showcase the premises. Any sports or groups who would like to view them for possible future use are welcome to do so. If they call in to the office we can make the necessary arrangements.

Whenever I write Trust Life I always seem to have many thankyous to say, so here is another one! Ronnie and Brenda Falkous have dedicated much of their time in organising and supporting local football over the years. Included in their tasks has been the cleaning of the pavilion – again done voluntarily. Ronnie has acted as caretaker for many years and Brenda a willing cleaner and football kit washer. Ronnie has not been in the best of health for some time, and at the time of writing is feeling a little under the weather. We offer both Ronnie and Brenda our very best wishes and hope he gets better soon. There is a standing joke between us regarding the pavilion, so Ronnie has to get better to see what has eventually been achieved!

In the meantime join in with the opportunities and events people are working hard to provide. Watch out for the Puffin Festival programme and volunteer where you can. The more who do, the more that will happen.

Julia Aston

Director,  Amble Development Trust

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