Old cameras guaranteed a good home

Posted on 11th March 2013 | in Community , Heritage & Tourism , Northumberland Wildlife Trust

If Santa Claus pulled a new digital camera out of his sack this Christmas, Northumberland Wildlife Trust would love your old one or its memory card if you have no further use for them.

The equipment will be used out in the ‘field’ by the Trust’s conservation team and volunteers when undertaking plant and animal survey work,  and you can never have enough photos of wildlife.
Each year the Trust uses hundreds of photos on its website, Facebook and Twitter pages, leaflets, publications, posters, education material and in news stories issued to the local and national media. In fact, you name it, the Trust uses photographs in it.

Anybody wishing to donate a camera should contact Steve Lowe, Northumberland Wildlife Trust’s Head of Conservation on: 0191 284 6884 to discuss it. He says: “I know it may seem a bit cheeky asking for your old cameras, but how many times do you get a new mobile phone, camera or MP3 player and just put the old one in the back of a drawer until it gets thrown out?
“One of the impacts of the wet weather throughout the year has been the damage that it has caused some of our existing cameras whilst being used for survey work, so we really would like to replace them if possible.”

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