Your health is your wealth

Posted on 11th March 2013 | in Community

Hazel Small and Rebecca Broderick have opened a new health complementary therapy clinic at 76 Queen Street and believe they can help clients to feel better and healthier. They offer a range of holistic treatments including physiotherapy, acupuncture, sports and remedial therapy and colonic hydrotherapy.
“I think that there may be a lack of awareness amongst the general public about the health benefits of colonic hydrotherapy,” says Hazel, who was previously a Registered Nurse.

“Apart from helping clients with relief from constipation, bloatedness, IBS, clients have reported many benefits following colonic hydrotherapy including: improved mental process and well being; a reduction in letahrgy/fatigue; a lower incidence of headaches, muscular or joint pain; improved skin condition and the list goes on.”

For more information on any of the therapies on offer, or to make an appointment, contact Hazel on 07943827439 or Rebecca on 07769151392.

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