Rescued from the sea

Posted on 24th April 2013 | in Community , Heritage & Tourism

Rare Mesolithic finds have been uncovered from the cliffs

Rare Mesolithic finds have been uncovered from the cliffs

A six week archaeology project will take place at Low Hauxley in the summer, and organisers are looking for volunteers to take part.

Rescued from the Sea is a partnership project  between Northumberland Wildlife Trust and Archaeological Research Services Ltd, with funding from Heritage Lottery Fund and support from Newcastle and Durham Universities and the Great North Museum: Hancock.

Mesolithic remains have been uncovered from the dunes at Low Hauxley, as well as an early bronze age cemetery. Ancient peat beds have also been uncovered as coastal erosion reveals the cliff face’s ancient secrets.

The effect of the tides and natural erosion is one of the reasons why archaeologists are keen to learn more about the area, before valuable information is lost to the elements.

The project will engage volunteers to meticulously uncover, record and preserve the extremely rare and nationally important archaeological finds that are currently hidden within the cliff face. Interactive classroom sessions and guided tours will be provided for school groups and students, to inspire the local community and help them understand their past heritage and the changing landscape.

To find out more, or to volunteer, see NWTs  website

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