County deals with foul play

Posted on 26th April 2013 | in Community

Neighbourhood Inspector Paul Truscott from Northumbria Police and Andrea Cowens Animal Welfare Officer at Northumberland  County Council.

Neighbourhood Inspector Paul Truscott from Northumbria Police and Andrea Cowens Animal Welfare Officer at Northumberland County Council.

Northumberland County Council’s protection service is increasing patrols in Amble following complaints from residents about fouling and other dog related issues.

There have been on-going complaints from residents in North Street and the dock and pier areas of the town about owners who don’t clean up after their pets.

In response to these complaints officers from the public protection service are patrolling the area and enforcement action has been taken and further activities planned.

Offenders can be given an on-the-spot £75 fixed penalty notice. If they refuse to pay the fine they can be prosecuted and can face a court appearance with a maximum penalty of £1,000.

Philip Soderquest, acting head of public protection at the council said: “Dog fouling is a public health problem and a blight on the environment. I would like to encourage the public to assist us in protecting Northumberland’s environment by reporting incidents of dog fouling that they witness to the council.”

The issue was raised, along with concerns about stray dogs, at a meeting of the Alnwick local multi-agency problem solving (LMAPS) group.  Some of the stray dogs were reported to have been intimidating residents and other animals.

The Police and the council’s dog control service are proactively gathering information to tackle this problem and, where identified, owners may be liable to prosecution.

Neighbourhood Inspector Paul Truscott said: “By working together with our partners at the council, we are able to tackle issues which affect the community.

Dog fouling – did you know? 

  • Northumberland County Council investigated over 1,200 dog fouling complaints last year?

  • The council carries out more than 1,000 patrols a year to combat dog fouling?

  • Last year the council dealt with over 2000 reports of stray dogs?

  • 96% of strays were picked up on the day they were reported?

  • Council animal welfare officers put up over 1500 dog control signs?

  • Council animal welfare officers micro-chipped more than 200 dogs last year?

  • Dog faeces can carry the worm Toxocara which can infect children and in the worst cases cause blindness?

  • Dog faeces can carry bacteria like Campylobacter that can lead to severe vomiting and diarrhoea?
  • You must always keep your dog on a lead when visiting memorial grounds, cemeteries or garden of remembrances anywhere in Northumberland?

“There have been a number of concerns raised with regards to dog fouling and stray dogs intimidating locals. We take these matters very seriously and I want to assure the community we are listening to their concerns and taking appropriate action. Our priority is providing the best service possible to our residents and we aim to keep Amble a safe and pleasant place to live.”

All complaints sent to Northumberland County Council about dog fouling, stray dogs and dog noise nuisance will be investigated and formal measures taken where an offence is identified.

Residents are encouraged to report dog fouling or stray issues to the council’s  dog control service via the website, by phone on 0845 600 6400, or by email to


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