Two calls for lifeboats in three days

Posted on 26th April 2013 | in Community

Amble inshore lifeboat towing yacht SheXX into Amble Harbour

Inshore lifeboat Mildred Holcroft tows yacht SheXX into Amble Harbour

The lifeboats were called out twice recently. The distress call goes to Humber Coast Guards, who contact the local coast guard, who alert the lifeboat and whatever emergency services that might be necessary.

On April 4th at almost 7pm a distress call from the 21ft motor cruiser She XX reported that they were hard aground on the west side of Coquet Island with two people on board.

Luckily the Amble allweather lifeboat The Four Boys was out on exercise at the time and was able to arrive at the scene within minutes. However it could not approach close enough to assist, so called for the launch of the inshore lifeboat The Mildred Holcroft . The inshore lifeboat managed to fix a tow rope and pull the She XX off the rocks. A member of the lifeboat crew was put aboard to inspect for any damage which fortunately proved to be slight.  The inshore lifeboat escorted by the all weather lifeboat  then towed the She XX back to Amble marina.

On the afternoon of Sunday 7th April another distress call came from a 10 metre motor cruiser The Alvier Mia which was north east of the Pan Bush Rocks in shallow water with six people on board. The motor  cruiser had fouled some lobster pots and a rope had got wound around its propeller which then disabled the motor. The weather at the time was fine with good visibility, a light wind, but a bit of a swell.The Four Boys was launched  and found the Alvier Mia easily. They attached a  tow rope  and successfully towed the cabin cruiser into Amble marina.

In both calls for the lifeboats the casualties had gone to sea with the correct VHF communication equipment on board which made for swift and easy location for the lifeboats to respond.

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