Poem: The Ballad Of The Big Store

Posted on 01st May 2013 | in Community

A pair of important business tycoons
Let’s call them – say – Tess and Jo
Wanted to build a big food-store
But wondered: “Where should it go?”

Then one day they came upon Amble
And soon liked the place more and more
Said Jo: “We could place our new shop here
Maybe right down upon Little Shore”

They asked local owner Mr Mark-Worth
“No! You can’t build it there!” he soon said
So Tess and Jo then went for a wander
And soon came upon The Green Braid

“This would be such a great site”
Said Tess – but it soon came to pass
That Jo pointed out rather sadly:
“But wait! We can’t build it on grass!”

So, they had a long chat about concrete
Car parks and links to Queen Street
But seasons slipped past as they dithered
And all their plans suffered defeat

“Let’s build it up in the clouds,
And make it round!” said Jo with a cry
And that’s why all talk of such building
Is simply more “pie in the sky”

© Gordon Veniard 2013

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