Running the DB10K

Posted on 01st May 2013 | in Community

Sue-RochesterIf someone had told me 18 months ago that I would be able to run 10km and be a member of a running club; I would have been in fits of laughter.  But here I am, having done both.

My introduction to running began when the Druridge Bay 10K committee chose Hospicecare North Northumberland as their chosen charity for the run in 2012.  With the Hospice at Alnwick having been an invaluable support for my family; I decided I would enter.  Having been a keen walker I knew I would be able to walk the distance.  In order to be able to ask for sponsorship I decided I would set myself the challenge of running it.

Having done no running since leaving school; I needed a plan.  I came across the NHS Couch to 5km and decided that it would be my starting point.
Week one began with a five minute walk to warm up followed by alternate 60 seconds of running and 90 seconds of walking, for a total of 20 minutes, with five minutes walking at the end as a cool down. I stuck religiously to the plan, even when I found the sessions easy, meaning I was never too stiff or sore and was never put off going out for the next session.

Nine weeks later I ran for 30 minutes without stopping. Miracle.

Over the coming weeks I added an additional five minutes per week to the time I was running until I was running for 75 minutes.  I covered my first 10km a few weeks before the 2012 Druridge Bay 10km.  Some weeks were harder than others.  I ran two or three times a week, concentrating on running longer each week rather than speed/distance.

I was really nervous on the morning of the run, but excited too. I completed the run in 72 minutes. The sense of achievement was amazing.
Last October I was invited to run with the beginners group at the Blyth Running Club. The  co-ordinator was really welcoming she explained that it wasn’t a race and that the ethos was all about encouraging each other. It’s a great bunch of people; of all ages and abilities with one common purpose to enjoy a run.

I am continuing to enjoy my running and I am hoping to get a couple of ‘Park’ runs done before Easter, with the intention of doing the Druridge Bay 10km again in May.

Sue Rochester

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