Artograffi April/May 2013

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artog-flowersBig money raised

A group in Amble has raised a lot of money to be donated to a good cause. Amble’s Slimming World has held raffles every week, and from January-December, has managed to raise £170. They are donating it to Alnwick Hospice Care whichis a hospice that uses donations to help people with life limiting illnesses.

By Will H-D

artog-dadFather’s day

Father’s day is
A day for dads and
To remember the time
He spent with us
Especially when he
Remembered to do what he needed to do
Except when he was in the wrong
Just remember the
Special times
Dad’s day
A good day
You make it a good one

by Victoria Coleran xxx
Father’s Day is on June 16th (which is also Niamh’s birthday!)

artog-puffin-headMeeting Paul The Puffin Man

We asked Paul Morrison, RSPB Coquet Island warden to come Artograffi, because we wanted to know more about puffins,
puffin festival from the 18th of May – 1st of June!!!
We interviewed him and found out some remarkable such as:
There are 36,000 puffins living on Coquet
Puffins have huge beaks they can hold one time,
Puffins are very quiet compared to lots of other seagulls and Eider ducks, who also live on Coquet
Before 1990 the main animal on Coquet island was
We discovered some incredible facts about Paul;
His first job was looking after oiled sea birds,
Paul’s favourite bird is a puffin,
He lives in Amble but sometimes stays on the Island, with his co-workers,
He has witnessed a puffling birth (a camera had been placed underground into the burrow),
He doesn’t get lonely on the Island as there is always lots to


By Lucy Miller-Trotter, Niamh Mackintosh and Will H-D

artog-flowers2Our New Pope

We now know who our new Pope is. He is called Pope Francis. He is the first pope from Argentina. There are approximately 2.2 billion Christians in the world, about half of them being Catholic.

By Niamh

Nine year old discovers a new artog-skellyspecies of dinosaurs!

9 year old Daisy from the Isle of Wight has found a fossil of some type of flying dinosaur. She found the bones four years ago (2009) and they have just now been confirmed. Scientists had tried to work out what
species it was and when they couldn’t, they announced it as a new species of small Pterosaur. The creature was named Vectidraco daisymorrisae after Daisy in honour of discovering it. The name Vectidraco means `dragon from the Isle Of Wight’. We at Artograffi like to call it the `dinosaur puffin’.

by Will H-D

Shoutout to all dragonslaying poets!artog-red-animal

23rd April is St George’s Day. It is also (probably) William Shakespeare’s birthday and it is the day he died. William
Shakespeare lived from 1564 – 1616. He wrote 38 plays, 154 sonnets and many many poems. One of Shakespeare’s most famous lines is in his play Henry V, when the king says to his battle troops: “Follow your spirit, and upon this charge
Cry ‘God for Harry, England and St George’”

artog-dad-1SEVEN Reasons for people to visit Amble

1.Good environment
2.Good accommodation
3.Good play areas
4.Nice people
5.Good shops
6.We have good beaches
7.Sporting activities

by Connor Carnegie

Lies, lies and more lies!

You may think that Facebook is great but if you are under 13 it’s NOT! Parents all over the world help their kids set up underage accounts, this is basically lying. Most parents tell their children lying is bad but
they do it themselves.

facebook_logo-8x8Facebook has an age limit for a reason such as: meeting up with strangers, talking to complete strangers and giving out phone numbers and addresses, also some people use Facebook as an entrance to cyber bullying and bully people and take advantage. On Facebook if you put your age in and its between 17 and 13 then there are restrictions. I am not
sure about what they are as I do not have an account myself as I am only year 6.

Helping your child lie or cheat isn’t right!

By Niamh Mackintosh

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