Elections: Cliffhanger after big turnout

Posted on 26th June 2013 | in Amble Town Council , Heritage & Tourism , News , Northumberland County Council

Jeff Watson won by one vote

Jeff Watson won his seat on the County Council by one vote

At one of the highest turnouts for a county election, Jeff Watson was elected as Councillor for Warkworth and Amble, receiving nearly half of his votes from Amble.

It became clear that this would be a close election when the Returning Officer said there was only one vote between the candidates. The LibDem group questioned the eligibility of one ballot paper and called for a recount. Again they lost by only one vote. There were a further four recounts, all with the same result.

Coun. Watson said, “I thought that it would be a tough race with the most number of candidates [five] in the whole county, and it was quite tense to say the least.”

If there had been a draw, the Returning Officer would be required to draw lots.

Town Council results
Amble East: No election
Craig Weir (Ind)
Helen Lewis (Ind)
Robert Arckless (Lab)

Amble Central:
Turnout: 24.2 per cent.
Jane Dargue (Lab) 234
Kathleen Morrison (Ind) 199
Velda Nicholson (Ind) 121

Amble West: No election
One vacancy
Ian Hinson (Lib Dem)
Jeff Watson (Con)

County Council results
Amble  Turnout: 22.2 per cent.
Robert Arckless (Lab): 575 votes.
Peter Robinson (Con): 162 votes.
Roger Cashmore (Lib Dem): 86 votes.

Amble West with Warkworth    Turnout: 45.5 per cent.
Jeff Watson (Con): 432 votes.
Julie Pörksen (Lib Dem): 431 votes.
Leslie Bilboe (UKIP): 260 votes.
Ann Burke (Ind): 222 votes.
Paul Claridge (Lab): 213 votes.

** UPDATE This article has been amended as the Amble County Council results were erroneously posted under the Town Council results. The Town Council ward for Amble East was uncontested. **

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