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Posted on 03rd July 2013 | in Community

Ray KingWhen I received the two most recent issues of The Ambler, I was thrilled to bits! Living six thousand miles away from the town in which I spent most of my formative years makes any  news  contacts so important.

The Ambler continues to flourish and provides its readers with a superb commentary on local events and issues. Anna is the only full time member of the editorial staff, and relies on volunteers to help put together this excellent magazine. So it is a credit to her that the quality of The Ambler remains so consistent. Many Amble residents look forward to receiving their copy, particularly those who are housebound.

Since I moved to Thailand my life has changed considerably. I now focus on my writing for the Bangkok Post and my contributions to The Ambler. I also take an interest in my son Gary’s career as an educational consultant here in  Bangkok. Although most of his clients are Thai and usually come from wealthy and influential Thai families, his business is at the point where he can offer his services to those who are less fortunate.  One of his clients is a young Thai pop star, Lydia, with a successful career as a singer and a soap opera star.  Yet she is actively pursuing a distance learning degree in Business and Management from the London School of Economics. Gary and some of his other tutors have been teaching her a variety of courses.

Last week Gary and I were invited to the home of one of his clients for dinner. I have never experienced such an extraordinary home. It was a three floor mansion in the most exclusive part of central Bangkok. The house had its own lift and there was a swimming pool, jacuzzi and gymnasium on the roof. The living room was gigantic and in one corner, on  a raised platform, was a Bechstein concert grand piano complete with an integrated digital unit that enabled the piano to play by itself! In the basement was a car park that housed half a dozen luxury cars.  In comparison to this there are so many very poor people in Thailand who struggle each and every day just to put enough food on the table – if they have a table that is. Gary really hopes that by having more wealthy clients he will be able to provide more educational opportunities for the less fortunate. Education here is only free for kids up to the age of fourteen.

I was delighted to receive an e-mail from Mr. Geggie of the Harbour Fish and Chip Shop. He has presented the framed photograph of the F.A. squad who toured Southern Africa in 1956 to the Bobby Robson Foundation.
Thank you Mr. Geggie.

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