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Puffin poetry competition winners
Amelia-poemHaving lots of fun
in the holidays
working really hard
tidying up the yard.Sunny days are really fun
going to the beach
paddling in the sea
back to Gran’s for tea.Going to the funfair
meeting all my friends
five times on the waltzers,
spinning really fast
spent all my Mummy’s money
time for home at last.The next day…
I went to a puffin fair
called a “festival”
had a look around the stalls
tasting all the food
Yummy yummy in my tummy.
Who bought all the chutney?
Better ask my Mummyby Amelia Walton age 8 1/2

group1cmykIn the photo, left to right:- Adults: Craig Weir on behalf of Amble Town Team, Jeff Watson on behalf of Warkworth Parish Council (who donated the prizes), Amble poet Ian Williams, Gary and Sharon Walton.

Prizewinners: Emily Shaw, Caitlin Stanford and Amelia Walton. They were each awarded a Puffin Festival souvenier mug and a £15 book token.

Emily-poemLittle Puffin

Passing every sea and shore
Under the sea the multi coloured beaks go
Fish for breakfast, dinner and tea
Fluffy babies born so cute
In Coquet Island we see them with little cameras
Never there for long, out to sea they go

by Emily Shaw age 8

caitlin-poemPuffin Festival


Including the

by Caitlin Stanford age 5

Things to do in the holidays:      •      sun bathe      •      swim in the sea

Olympic torch… Going into space

RocketAn Olympic torch is going into space for the 2014 winter games in Russia.

Sochi, the Russian federal space agency will be taking the torch aboard the International Space Station in early November as part of the four month torch relay, which starts in October.

Once in space, two Russian cosmonauts will take the torch on a spacewalk.

Dmitry Chernyshenko, head of the Sochi organising committee, said; “The spacewalk by two Russian cosmonauts with the 2014 olympic torch will be an historic moment.”

By Aris

Should we ban zoos???????????????????

zooBelieve it or not zoos have their bad sides just like everything else. It has been reported that an Indonesian zoo, let visitors throw left over food, sweets and ice cream into pens and some visitors even gave the monkeys cigarettes! In one zoo in Bali, seven lions were found with stores full of maggots, in cramped cages with no shelter from rain. Fierce animals such as lions and tigers that live in zoos don’t have the freedom to hunt live animals or to run or play.

This is what we think of zoos in general.

Me: If zoos were banned we could say to people that tigers would definitely die out they would do something. But as long as the magnificent tiger is paraded behind bars they will do nothing.

Annabel: I think zoos are fun!

Gracie: hate them.

Lucy: great place to view animals up close.

By Niamh

tree girlThings to do in the holidays:      •      climb trees      •      build a den


It’s raining pigs & wigs
It’s pouring twitches & witches
It’s splashing cats & hats
Before time change it started to rain
Mable Murple’s house was purple
So was Mable’s hair
Mable Murple’s cat was purple
Purple every where!!!!!!!!!!
Twinkles winkles pimples
Ahhh what is this is it a
Twinkle or a winkle maybe a pimple
It is either a twinkle or a winkle
Altogether it is a WINKLE

by Gaby H-D

We won an award

Aren’t we brilliant! We won an award for the Town Council’s Virtual Garden Award photograph.

The Virtual Garden Award is when you take a picture of a garden or flowerbed and enter it into the Town Councils competition.

I went to pick up the award on behalf of artografi. There were about 50 people in the audience Niamh who took the winning photo said: “Im proud and very pleased that the photo won. I’ve never won an award before.”

By Catherine Dunne

Daredevil Does High Wire Over The Grand Canyon

tight rope picIn June 2013, Nik Wallenda completed an astounding feat, crossing the Grand Canyon on a tight rope in slightly over 22
minutes. He’s the first person to ever cross a section of the canyon without any safety ropes. Nik Wallenda, described himself as, “King of the High Wire” He did the 426 m crossing 457 m above the Little Colorado River.

His amazing feat was made even harder due to high winds that caused him to stop twice. Nik says that for his
next stunt, he wants to walk between New York’s Chrysler Building and Empire State Building.

By Will H-D

Things to do in the holidays:      •      play with your friends      •      dig a big hole      •      build a sandcastle      •      go fishing on the pier      •      go on a puffin cruise      •      do a good deed

Sewing club

At Sacred Heart Catholic church, Josie Dunne (Catherine’s mum) is running a sewing club for middle school children. We use sewing machines, different kinds of fabric and a whole lot more. On every Tuesday, 5:30pm-6:30pm during the summer holidays. It’s really fun but places are limited so ring The Ambler if you are interested 01665712929.

By Niamh

What are The Lindisfarne Gospels?

gospel closeup cmyk

some of the intricate curvy lettering. Each page was drawn entirely by hand.

lion page cmyk

A page from the Lindisfarne Gospels.


The Lindisfarne Gospels are a copy of the four gospels of the New Testament. It is said that only one man wrote this book, Eadrith. Eadrith was a Bishop in the 700’s who lived on Lindisfarne (also known as Holy Island).

It’s estimated that it took him between five to ten years of writing a few hours a day to fully write the gospels.

Facts about the Lindisfarne Gospels

• The book has 516 pages, some of which have 10,600 dots on
• The pages were made from 150 calf skins.
• It took 10 years to complete and was created by hand.
• It is believed that Eadrith the monk who created the book also invented the lead pencil, OMG!

By Kane Keylewer

The book is commonly regarded as one of the greatest achievements of British medieval art. The pages are full of curvy, embellished letters and strange symbols. The best ones were at the beginning of each chapter. They were big letters surrounded in patterns and swirls.

The letters in our logo are based on them (I drew the I). The reason we’re talking about the gospels is that for the first time in 12 years, it is returning to its home in the north-east. The 1,300 year old manuscript is the centrepiece on display at the much awaited exhibition at the Durham Cathedral. The exhibition lasts until 30th September.

By Will H-D

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