Support the Friendliest Port: your favourite local businesses

Posted on 08th October 2013 | in Amble Business Club , Business News , Community

Rolands-AdvertAngling-AdvertCongratulations to Amble Angling Centre and Roland’s Butchers who have both won a free advert in this issue of The Ambler.

As part of  the ‘TryAmble1st’ campaign, we asked readers to nominate their favourite local businesses.

Amble Angling Centre and Roland’s Butchers tied in first place, but many other businesses were snapping at their heels.

We’ll be continuing this promotion for the next issue, so send in as many nominations as you want and get your friends and family to nominate their favourites!

Don’t forget its open to all local businesses, not just Queen Street shops. Nomination forms are on the back page, but you can also email, Twitter or Facebook.

Here are the businesses you recommended this month.
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