Amble Links pupils: reading and growing

Posted on 10th October 2013 | in Amble Links First School , Heritage & Tourism , Northumberland County Council

Amble Links are celebrating their brand new library, which has been decorated with children’s book characters by Joanne Howden and the books have been organised and scanned in by Suzy Purvis, both parents with children at the school.

A storytelling session by Don White and Jackie Barnes from Northumberland County Council was much appreciated by the children as they heard about The Big Bad Wolf that did good deeds, and other alternative fairy tales. Jack and the beanstalk may prove a popular story as the youngsters combine their love of books with their new found skills at gardening.

School dinners at have become super healthy as the children been able to sample fruit and vegetables grown in their own school garden. The children sowed the seeds back in the spring and learned how to weed and tend the growing plants.

“The skills they learnt last year were beginning to show through with more children now recognising the difference between courgettes and rhubarb, and peas and beans.” said Cathy Gascoigne, a governor at the school.

The children had great success with the lettuce, runner, french and barlotti beans as well as courgettes, onions, rhubarb, beetroot, rocket, mange tout, carrots, potatoes, broad beans, swede and leeks. The school kitchen enjoyed receiving the crops from the children and providing even more healthy options for the children with no travel miles involved.

“If you pass the allotment please look out for all the produce and leave the plums and pears for the children, they are very tempting we know.” said Cathie.

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