Amble Town Council: Oct/Nov 2013

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Meetings 6.30p.m. unless stated otherwise
Town: 10th Oct, 14th Nov, 12 Dec          Cemeteries:  28th Nov          
Finance:  24th Oct , 28th Nov (7.30pm)    Amenities:  21st Nov


In late August we met with new representatives from Tesco as their North Region Development Manager has now left the company. His replacement will be in situ this month and will spearhead the new plans which we are assured will come before the community later this Autumn. Tesco remain firmly committed to developing a new store in Amble but want to reconfigure the layout to ‘present a better offer to their customers’. In the meantime, although the site has been fenced off and CCTV cameras installed, we have urged demolition of the buildings not only to tidy the area but to make it safer until work starts on the site. It would now appear that Spring 2014 is the most likely time for commencement with an opening before Christmas that year.


Plans for developments in Amble can be viewed by appointment at our offices. Please go along to the public consultations to be held in the Autumn for the plans for Tesco and Persimmon Homes.


The stonework on the Radcliffe Memorial is being repaired; the missing letters are being replaced and the tablets cleaned. The work is undertaken by a specialist firm as the monument is a listed structure and must be repaired to its original state. Taking care of memorials is a task given to all parish councils. Fortunately we have been able to set aside money to add to the grant from the War Memorials Foundation so this can be a fitting memorial to all who gave their lives for their country.
It is however still disturbing to note the amount of young people who treat this area as a playground and the parents who sit by and encourage them to kick a football or run a scooter against the steps, walls and memorials and disapprove if you politely ask them to stop! Repairs are costly but these may be the same people who complain loudly when Council tax goes up to pay for them.


Recently a new Commonwealth War Grave headstone to mark the grave of Pte Crackett has been placed in the East Cemetery, where he is buried. The commemorative headstone was originally placed in the entrance to the West Cemetery. Nobody seems to know why and the true reason is probably lost in time. However now that it is in the correct place, the Council has decided it would be fitting to have a short dedication ceremony on Saturday 2nd November at 2.30p.m. Family descendants, scattered throughout the world, have been traced and asked to join us as well as representatives from the Royal British Legion and the Military Police – his regiment.


Everyone is asked to join us in the Town Square at the Memorial Gardens for the traditional Laying of the Wreaths on Sunday 10th November at 11a.m. Many local organisations will be taking part to show that those men who fought for their country are not forgotten. This year the service will be at Trinity Methodist Church and, for safety reasons, the parade will go from the Town Square over the grass area to the Cartington Court end of Percy Street then on to the Church. We feel privileged that we always have a large gathering on this occasion regardless of the weather. Do please join us.


Our Councillors were delighted and privileged to take part in the service commemorating the 500th anniversary of the Battle of Flodden. It is good to have our town recognised further afield and to be asked about the changes in our area. This was also a time to reflect on all the heritage we have. We have a rich history- Roman remains at Gloster Hill; Mining, Boat building, Fishing;  the uniqueness of 2 War Memorials and now possibly looking forward to the exciting proposals for a Seafood town Harbour Village! Also the history at Warkworth and ‘new’ finds from the dig at Hauxley.


We were delighted when Amble Action Group donated the wooden puffin sculpture from the Puffin Festival. This iconic symbol is now in place in the High Street garden to welcome everyone to the town and encourage them to explore Queen Street and the Harbour. The garden is to be revamped providing a relaxing area for all to enjoy. The wall by the footpath will be taken down and the garden altered after a permanent fixture has been placed to safely secure the Christmas tree; a new seat and litter bin will be installed. This will give us a place to be proud of at the entrance to our central area. We ask everyone to keep it tidy and discouraging any vandalism.


Helen Lewis
At a recent meeting anti- social behaviour came up. Our local police say these incidents have decreased but nevertheless for those who are experiencing it, it naturally remains a big issue in their lives. Some people think this means aggression and violence but excessive or prolonged noise, rude gestures, littering, intimidation, vandalism, graffiti can all prevent you enjoying the relaxation of being in your own home, walking in your own area or taking part in your hobbies or sports. Our police are actively campaigning to stop this behaviour from a minority but are increasingly finding that, having caught the young person in the act, their parents do not believe it to be so! However, it isn’t always young people to blame, as there are those ‘adults’ who find it ‘fun’ to harass, yell, shout, damage things and perform natural acts in public view. We must all be prepared to report any type of anti-social behaviour we witness and show these people that we want our town to be a place to be proud of, clean and tidy, a place where everyone can live in peace and harmony and enjoy all the good things in life.


Elaine Brown (Town Clerk)  Angela Burn (Clerical Assistant)         10-11.30a.m. & 1.30-3p.m.  Monday to Friday   
Minutes available to view in Office or at Amble Library

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