Sausage samplers sought

Posted on 26th November 2013 | in Business News , News

Jeff Roland

Jeff Roland

Would you like to be one of four people to help choose The Old Storehouse Sausage?

The Old Storehouse at Amble Links is looking for four people to help choose  the perfect recipe for their “Amble Links” sausage to go on their menu in January.

There will be three flavours on trial, all made by Amble butcher R C Roland and Son.

Tasting will take place on Sunday 8th December in the Old Storehouse. If you would like to be one of these lucky tasters you will need to send an email with contact details to  with ‘The Amble Link’ in the subject line.

R C Roland and Son have been making sausages for Amble since the shop opened by the current owner’s Great Grandfather in 1904. Today they make over two miles of sausages a year delivered across the whole of the North East!

Jeff Roland said, “We are delighted. We have three recipes and I am excited to find out which tickles the taste buds of the blindfold tasters.”

The Old Storehouse

The Old Storehouse


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  1. Anthony says:

    I can’t believe they make over two miles of sausages a year !

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