More businesses are investing in Amble

Posted on 09th December 2013 | in Business News

Several new businesses have chosen to set up shop in the Friendliest Port in recent weeks. The Ambler has been finding out a little bit about them…

Who’s The Man?
Gillian Stewart, owner of Raggy Dolls boutique in Amble and Seahouses is a big fan of Amble. So much so that she has opened a second shop on Queen St, selling  ex chainstore and branded clothing for men.

“Amble is a busy little place again and I think there’s a desperate need for a menswear shop” said Gillian. “Compared to a lot of places, locals do support the high street. We’ve been here for 11 years, I think Amble is a thriving little community again.”


Wor Lizzy’s Younique Emporium
A very unique business has just opened its doors, hoping to interest a wide range of customers. Lesley Wilkinson, Garry Evans and Deborah Jameson have combined forces and have opened a new shop in Amble, on the corner of Newburgh St and Ladbroke St.


Lesley Wilkinson, Garry Evans and Deborah Jameson

The shop is called “Wor Lizzy’s Younique Emporium” and sells handcrafted jewellery, shabby chic furniture and cupcakes.

Lesley Wilkinson had been deputy manager in the nearby  Harbour Co-op  before leaving due to illness, decided to turn a hobby into a business. “I started making jewellery as therapy and for something to do,” she said. “After a while, everyone was wanting what I made, so I decided to go into business selling it. I’m also going to be having children’s jewellery making sessions and I can do parties for them too.”

Also hoping to tickle your fancy in the Emporium are freshly made cupcakes from Deborah Jameson. “I make celebration cakes to order, cupcakes every day and I’ll also be selling cake decorations” she said. Deborah makes her cakes at a unit in Pegswood.

Originally from Somerset, Garry Evans cites his sister as an influence in sparking his interest in antique furniture. “My sister’s house is full of shabby chic and antique furniture and accessories. It was she who originally suggested I get involved in selling it.”

“There are three separate interests all under one roof” said Garry, “But we’ve all come together to produce a unique business.”
Anna Williams


R & S Hens
Rebecca and Sean Turnbull moved into a farm house and introduced their three children to chickens and ducks to interest them in wildlife. They became so interested and knowledgeable themselves that they decided to open a shop in Wellwood Street, selling supplies and equipment for the care and breeding of poultry and waterfowl. They have called it “R. & S. Hens”.

Their interest didn’t stop there, however.  They are also breeding, and selling,  rare species such as “Frizzle Sultan” and “Pekin”  as well as their eggs. You can contact Rebecca on 07446932177. Their website is:
Cath Teasdale


Lifestyle clothing
Another clothing entrepreneur has branched out into Amble’s Queen Street. Ruth Lightburn from Warkworth is selling ladies clothing, handbags and toys. Ruth already has shops around the country, in Dundee, Leyland and Atherstone near Birmingham.

“I was wanting to move back to the north east” said Ruth, “The opportunity came up and so I can now have my office and a shop here.” The shop will sell a range from ladieswear brand Klass as well as comfort waist and shorter leg trousers.


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