County Council’s draft plans for Amble

Posted on 11th December 2013 | in Northumberland County Council


Plans can be seen online until January 2nd 2014. To read online and make a comment:
E-mail: Planning

The county council has presented an exhibition of plans for homes, employment and green belts. This was on display upstairs in Fourways 2. It was open to the public, who were invited to examine the plans and put forward their views.

This is part of an ongoing discussion. There have been two previous exhibitions, when the county council listened to residents. Based on the public’s comments, the council has made up a list of their preferences, and then opened up the discussion again, based on those preferences.

The most important aspect is housing. For the next twenty years that the plan covers, there will probably be just over 24,000 new dwellings for the county. In Amble 740 new houses are planned. Where would they be? Land opposite the industrial site and as far as the roundabout would see building in the next five years.

During six to ten years, potential sites are between the West Cemetery and Gloster Hill, a small area south of Dandsfield Square, the plot between the end of Ivy Street and Links Road, and the area on Braid Hill, earmarked by Tesco. In the next eleven to fifteen years, the planned area is between Coquet Street and the marina.

As for industry, unfortunately, as we know, there is adequate land available on the industrial estate. All that the council can do is provide the space for businesses to set up. At least we have an advantage over other places. We do not need to use green field sites.

Northumberland already has quite a large area of green belt, checking the merging into each other of towns and villages. The nearest proposed green belt area to us is around Morpeth, including Hebron, Longhirst, Pegswood, Hepscott, Stannington and Mitford.

Council officers available to answer questions and discuss points with the public were kept busy by visitors.

Norma Hinson

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