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Looking for former football manager
I have been trying to find out information about a local man Bob Dennsion who was a Football Manager. He was Manager of Middlesbrough FC between 1954 &1963 and was later Manager of Hereford United FC.
His full name was Robert S. Dennsion and he was born in 1912. His birth was registered in April 1912 in Alnwick and his mother’s maiden name was Smith.
Bob was a friend of my late father, an Amble man Jim Manson and they used to meet in the London area when Bob was scouting the country looking for professional footballers. I believe he was born in Amble but I can’t find any records of this and would like to know if anyone living in the Amble area has any more detail about Bob and his family.
Yours faithfully
Peter Manson


World War 1 commemoration 2014
I would like information on two families whose ancestors served in the 1st World War.
The first is James William Davidson, born 1891 and killed in Belgium on 24th January 1916. His parents were William, a shepherd, and his mother Margaret. He had a brother Thomas and sister Olive Mary. James was born in Alnwick but was living in High Hauxley when he enlisted in the army in 1915.
The others are Thomas and George Shotton. These brothers survived the war. Their father was George and mother Isabella, nee Jackson. Thomas married Agnes Douglas in 1910. They lived at the Moor House Farm when George enlisted in the army in 1914 and Thomas in 1916.
Any descendants happy to share information about these men’s war service, please contact Irene Liddle Tel. 01665 712120 or by e-mail
Irene Liddle


Who’s coming for Christmas?
Do you have room for one more person this Christmas?
There are adult international students at UK universities who will be spending Christmas alone. They would love to discover what Christmas is like in a British home. Having a visitor from another part of the world will add interest to your festivities, possibly help to keep the peace when the family comes together, or if you are alone too, may give you a reason to ‘do Christmas properly’.
Invitations are arranged through HOST, a well-established charity, whose local organisers aim to make a good match between student guests and volunteer hosts. If you live near a university, your visitor may come just for the day. Many students are happy to travel to spend 2 or 3 days with their hosts.
Please see or call HOST 020 7739 6292 to be put in touch with your area organiser.
If you are not available at Christmas, but would like to welcome an international student to your home, HOST arranges visits throughout the year.
Margaret Stevens
Publicity Officer, HOST


Radcliffe Club and JPS Disco
I remember well as I’m sure many other 80s kids will remember Monty Durham and his Saturday afternoon discos in the old library (where the tourist information is now at the bottom of queen street), Helen Burge and her variety club at the Bede Street Club.  There was Mildred Ryle, John Griffiths, Edith Appleby and others, with the Junior Guild and famous pantos year after year at the Methodist Church and not forgetting the good old Amble Highflyers Jazz band with Allan Grant, Ian Burn, Jean McCloud.
I have many fond memories of community folk (many who are sadly not with us anymore) who enjoyed doing stuff for and with the local kids. What is there today for my kids?  ‘JPS Discos’ t                                                                                                                                  hese lads deserve an award for their great work!  The brothers along with the help of their Mam and own kids make a Friday night at the Radcliffe Club so enjoyable for our kids of today! A free event at Radcliffe Club every month (unheard of in today’s financial climate) where  local families gather and enjoy dancing, good old-fashioned party games, fun., laughter, everyone is made to feel welcome and the kids have a ball!
The Stanford brothers are so canny with the kids and include games for all ages, I just love the community spirit reminiscent of ‘back in the days’.  So as people talk often about this dying community, dying social club life and nothing for the kids to do I just want to say well done Radcliffe club and keep up the excellent entertainment ‘JPS boys’ you will go down in history with the other good souls that did it for us in the 80’s!!!!!
On behalf of all the Deano lovers!
Emma Wallace  
Via email


Recycling for charity
Thank you to all those who have donated items for recycling for charity. We collect all year round and would be grateful for any further donations.
We recycle the following – usable clothes (or clean material),  duvets, quilts, pillows, sheets, curtains, leather shoes, mobile phones, ink cartridges, postage stamps, old coins (of any kind), spectacles, cassettes,  CDs,  vinyl records, VHS videos,  DVDs,  working televisions and HiFi.
If you wish to donate, please do so to Evelyn at 21 Newmoor Close, Amble or Janice at Treetops, Station Road, Warkworth. Please telephone 712 579 or 714758 if collection required or if donating bulky items
Janice Charlton, James Cox, Evelyn and Michelle Dodd
Details of charities for 2013-4 are on


Christmas lights thanks
A big thank you to all those who helped to make the Torchlight Procession and Christmas Lights switch-on such a memorable evening,
I’d like to thank especially the Town Team and all the volunteers; those people who came forward to help with the tree, street security, Town Square and Santa’s Grotto. To you all my thanks, without your valuable assistance we would have struggled, you know who you are thank you.
And of course I’d like to thank those who made the beautiful lanterns, those who took part in the parade and everyone who turned out on the night.
Many thanks and see you next year.
Craig Weir  
Chair Amble Action Group


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