Travelling on elephants and out of the solar system

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Happy Christmas from everyone at Artograffi
Jack and the Beanstalk by Warkworth Drama Group
I went to the Jack and the Beanstalk panto in Warkworth and it was so full that some people had to sit on the steps because there were no seats left. I thought that the pantomime was really funny and a little bit odd. I went on Saturday at 14:30. My favourite character was Dozy Den, because he was the village idiot.Catherine
I was in this and it was fun! I enjoyed it a lot.I was a slave, villager and in the chorus. I managed to remember all my lines I had 5 lines.

There was a lot of people there which made it nerve wracking. There were three performances. The audience laughed in all the right places especially when I did Gangnam style.

I would enjoy being in another pantomime


Carly inspires me
Carly Wood came to see us. Carly is an interesting woman who went on a fantastic adventure to lots of different countries like Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Bali and Burma.

“My favourite was Burma as they spoke the best English” said Carly. In Burma she got bitten by mosquitoes. The people there were very friendly. She met a water buffalo called Onion and she had so much fun.

In Cambodia she went to a very special village with houses on trees. She went to a famous temple called Angkor Wat. It was massive. She had a magnificent time.

In Thailand she went to a zoo where tigers were but she felt a bit sorry for them because they weren’t in the wild.Carly inspired me  because I want to do that when I am grown up. I probably would  be a little bit scared to go on my own Annabel


Carly’s Adventure
When she came to see us here at Artograffi, she showed us some really interesting photos and told us about her trip to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Bali and Burma.

In Burma there was a giant LIVE snake that was believed to be holy, people believed it so much that it lived in a temple and people threw money at it in exchange for good fortune.

Carly told us she liked Burma the most because of the people’s friendly nature.When she arrived in Thailand she still had to go on a twenty-four hour bus trip to finish off her journey.

Her whole trip took four months and she went all by herself, but she made lots of friends while she was there. Before she left, she had to save up for six months so she could afford to go and while she was there she lived on a really tight budget and she could not buy many presents.

Carly told us she was sad to go home but she was happy to come back and see her family.
By Niamh


Carly on an elephant in Laos

Facts about Carly
*Carly Wood is 23
*she lives in Amble
*she went to Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Bali
*she travelled on her own for 4 months
*Burma was her favourite country
*in Laos, she went to a bear sanctuary and an elephant sanctuary where she met an elephant named Mariam
*she went to the snake temple in Burma and she met a water buffalo named Onion.
*she stayed in a house with stilts to stop floods coming in
by Victoria and Catherine


Seeing as it is nearly Christmas Artograffi think it would be a good idea if we told you about food allergies.

There are many allergies like being allergic to……
milk, eggs, peanuts, soy, wheat
nuts (such as walnuts and cashews) fish, shellfishIf you are allergic to food some of the symptoms are…….• Itching in your mouth
• Swelling of the lips
• Rashes
• Vomiting
• Diarrhea
• Cramps
• Pains
• Trouble breathing
• Drop in blood pressureSo remember-be careful with what you eatBy Gracie and Annabel
Gaby's-bauball1 present
Top 10 toys this Christmas
Furby Boom
Robo Fish
Sully Monster Mask
Chasin Cheeky
Monster High 13 Wishes Doll
DocMcstuffins Doctor Bag
Leap Pad Ultra
Chima Lion Chi Temple
VIP Pets
Teksta Robotic Puppy
by Gracie


Christmas with the poor
We celebrate Christmas with toys and sweeties, but the poor can hardly celebrate Christmas with toys and sweeties because they do not have any money. So they celebrate with praying happy-birthday to Jesus or wishing to have a house or to have food. So if you see someone poor or homeless please give some money or food.
by Gaby
Christmas is a once a year event. Even though it is summer in Australia, Christmas is still on the 25th of December. Nowadays people spend an awful lot of money buying presents for everyone. If you believe in Santa and you have been good most of the year, you get presents. Some people in different countries do not have Christmas. Some are poor and don’t get any presents at all. But there are charities where you can change their lives by just giving a little present so I recommend you do it.
Adults do not get as many presents for Christmas. They get some wine or chocolates as their presents from family and friends.
Christmas is only once a year and it is Jesus birthday
by Ben
Gaby's-bauball2 reindeer


Anti-bullying week
Online bullying is when children or teenagers use the web, or mobile phones or any other technology to threaten, tease or embarras another young person.
Nasty messages are just one form of online bullying.

Often bullies set up a website or group on a social media website like Facebook and then ask other people to join in and comment about a person or images of them.

But it can also include things like emailing someone a virus on purpose, posting personal information where it shouldn’t be or calling them names when playing a game together online.

It’s always a good idea to make sure a parent, teacher or guardian knows when you’re surfing the net.

That way, if you see or are sent anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or upset while you’re online, you can tell them.

Unless you have an adult’s permission, never give out:

* Your real name or your friends’ names
* Your home, school or email address
* Your home or mobile phone numbers
* A photo of yourself
* Your parents’ bank or credit card details

Make sure that if you’re being bullied you tell a responsible adult you trust, your parents, a teacher or Childline, a website that you can ask the staff for advice and
help, or call on 0800 1111.
By Niamh

In San Francisco Miles Scott is a five year old superhero who is now in remission from leukaemia. He made a wish to be Batkid and his wish came true.

He had a real phone call from the police asking if he could help Batman to solve a crime. They had to jump over obstacles and save a woman who had been trapped on the train track.
After that they went to a dungeon – who did they see? …the Riddler!

Eventually they got him into the dungeon. In the end it was victory, then Batman and Batkid had their lunch and spent the rest of the day celebrating

By Annabel

Voyager leaves the solar system
On the 25th of August 2012 the space craft Voyager-1 became the first man made object to ever leave the solar system. It is now travelling between stars twelve billion miles away from earth.Voyager-1 Is travelling at 100,000 miles an hour and will take another 40,000 years to get near another star.

by Gracie

Voyager-1 left Earth on 5th September 1977.
Its sister spacecraft Voyager-2 left Earth 11 days earlier on 20 August 1977. It is also on a journey to outer space, but Voyager-1 travelled faster and overtook it.

One way trip to Mars
The Mars One Mission aims to be sending people on a one-way trip to Mars so that people can start colonising there.

There are already 165,000 people who are prepared to leave their families and jobs to travel to Mars to live. Applicants must be over 18 and are welcome from any country in the world.

The Mars One Mission hopes to start getting people to Mars as early as 2023, which is only in just over 9 years.

So if anybody is bored, living on Earth, you are welcome to apply to live on Mars.

Beware though. Once you’re there, you’re not coming back.
By Will

snowman krismas-kitty


Disaster Weather

The typhoon in the Philippines and the hurricanes in the Midwest of the USA have devastated everyone’s homes. It has killed six people. It has left hundreds struggling to survive.
In the Philippines there has been a lot of help, but it is not getting much better. 11 million people have been affected.
In the Midwest of the USA not much help has been given, but help is on the way.
By Catherine



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