Reports from our County Councillors: Dec 1013

Posted on 20th December 2013 | in Northumberland County Council

Recently a new timetable came into force which slightly increases the number of connecting buses provided by Arriva and Travelsure from Amble Links estate.  A recent meeting between Arriva and councillors confirms it will be a challenge to retain and improve those services.  Bus operators look at services now from a purely commercial point of view. They are reluctant to take on unprofitable services. Arriva and Travelsure have  decided that weekend services via the Links are not viable. At least Arriva have got involved in discussions and they are providing some limited extra services.  They have also agreed to help explore “community transport” options which will operate outside the normal commercial services.  Amble Town Council should be commended for their work on this.  The services we have will only continue if they are considered viable by the bus companies, so make sure you use them when you can.

Parking, anti-social behaviour and street scene
A petition considered by the North Area Committee of the county council highlighted a number of familiar issues: the lack of car parking and problems caused by inconsiderate drivers, litter and the state of the harbour area, and anti-social behaviour. Amble residents will soon be consulted on some proposals made by county officers, Amble Town Council, the development trust and business representatives.  Please respond to the consultation letters and put forward any alternative ideas you may have. We were promised improvements concerning litter, weeds and flower beds and it was acknowledged that recent standards had just not been good enough.  Problems of anti-social behaviour will be referred to LMAPs (Local Multi Agency Partnerships) and the police.

As Christmas preparations begin, my best wishes for the coming Season and the New Year.

Robert Arckless       Telephone 01665 711938

Remembrance day has just passed as I write this article and I must say I think that the town council did an excellent job this year in organising the commemoration. Thank you, people of the town, who turned out in droves to remember our armed forces and the sacrifices they made.

I was very sorry to hear of the accident that occurred at the bottom of The Wynd recently and although I do not know the details of the accident it makes me even more determined to have a permanent speed camera erected in that area.. I know this  will not be universally popular and I realise that speed may not be connected to this latest accident, but this seems to be a  dangerous stretch of road that has claimed several lives in the past. A speed camera would heighten awareness and force drivers to take care. I and several other councillors have been trying for a number of years to have a permanent camera and it is a tragedy that another accident has had to happen here before we can meet the imposed criteria that exists to install a camera on this site.

I understand that the netting on the games area at the Welfare that I funded, will have been erected by the time you read this article and I hope this will stop some of the problems of balls crossing Acklington Road and potentially causing damage or danger to traffic and  nearby  houses.

I attended the opening of the refurbished changing rooms in the Welfare recently and trust this will help our young people enjoy healthy outdoor activities with good facilities. I hope they will be appreciated and looked after.

I wish all my fellow residents a happy Christmas and hopefully a better year in 2014

Jeff Watson

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