Sunflower Project Update

Posted on 20th December 2013 | in Community

This time last year St. Mark’s Church won a synod-wide competition, which began with sowing sunflower seeds. You may have grown sunflowers from the seeds which were subsequently distributed.

We decided to support two projects with the prize money, one in Kenya, where £500 helped to build a school. Our contribution helped to exceed the original target and now it hopes to sponsor a teacher.

The second project is 3T in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The £500 will help the International school there to bring in self-appointed ‘teachers’ from remote areas, whose ‘schools’ might be a patch of ground under a tree. They are provided with training and resources to equip them to return to their communities with skills to pass on to pupils and they are now training other teachers.

So far 3,000 students have benefitted from the project, as have students in the International School.

Sending money to Bangladesh is not without its difficulties, but £500 is now on its way.

Support for both projects is continuing, and for more information or to make a donation, contact me.
Sue Swanston, 711177 

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