Northumberland’s ‘citizen speed cops’

Posted on 13th February 2014 | in Community

Speed Wynd  fixed position jpg

Speeding at the Wynd in Amble has been a concern for many years

Northumbrian motorists are being encouraged to slow down by “citizen speed cops” who have been trained by Northumbria Police in using speed monitoring equipment.

The Northumbria Police Community Speed Watch scheme have recruited 31 locals from Morpeth, Alnwick, Berwick and Hexham who will assist officers tackling speeding in local areas.

The scheme began as a pilot in Rothbury and has been so successful the decision was made to expand into other areas where local people have raised speeding as an issue that concerns them.

The volunteers have all received training, support and specialist equipment to monitor the speed of vehicles.

Under the Community Speed Watch scheme anyone found speeding will receive a police and community letter, letting them know that the local community does not tolerate speeding.

If the same driver is identified a number of times then officers will make contact with the driver and action may be taken.

Chief Inspector Aidan Sloan of Northumberland Area Command said: “I’m pleased that we’re able to expand this successful scheme into other parts of Northumberland.

“Speeding affects many people and is a main concern for residents in smaller areas.

“The scheme aims to make motorists aware that police and local residents are taking positive action and are working together to improve the safety and quality of life for everyone.”

The volunteers are now putting their training into practice to help curb speeding.

More information on volunteering opportunities such as CSW or joining the Special Constabulary can be found at:

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