Hauxley Parish Council: Jan 2014

Posted on 28th February 2014 | in Community , Hauxley Parish Council

hauxley on beach2Hauxley Parish Council

Precept 2014-15 – At our meeting held on 20th January 2014 the Members set the Precept for the 2014-15 financial year at £3432.  The Parish Council are responsible for the seats, bus shelters, roads in the square at Low Hauxley, planters and litter bins in the village.

Co-opted vacancy – Following the resignation of Cllr Evans we have a vacancy on the Council. If you are on the Electors Register, live in or within 3 miles of the Parish or your only place of work is within the Parish you can apply to become a member of the Council by writing to the Clerk via the contact details below.

Ramp to the Beach – The ramp was damaged during the tidal surge in December.  The Council are discussing this issue with Northumberland County Council in an attempt to improve access as a matter of health and safety.  The dog waste bin will be moved to the top of the ramp so that it is accessible.

Telephone Kiosk – The telephone kiosk at Low Hauxley was recently damaged. BT have informed the Council that due to low usage and the close proximity of the kiosk in High Hauxley, they have no plans to replace it.

Northumberland Wildlife Trust – New build gateway and learning resource centre proposed to be built on the Nature Reserve received full support from the Parish Council. The centre will be a much needed asset to the Nature Reserve, the village and the wider community, the improved facilities for bird watching and the new facilities for educational visits by groups of all ages were welcomed.

Next Meeting – 6.30pm on Monday 10th March 2014 in the Village Hall, Low Hauxley – the public are welcome to attend.

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