Waiting with baited breath

Posted on 28th February 2014 | in Amble Town Council , Business News , Community , Northumberland County Council

David Burke and Richard Wardman viewing the harbour plans with Julia Aston

David Burke and Richard Wardman viewing the harbour plans with Julia Aston

Funding from central government to develop part of Amble’s harbour is due to be decided on within the next few weeks.

The ambitious plans for the town were submitted to the government’s Coastal Communities Fund in October.

If given the go-ahead, the project, known as the Harbour Village, would create 26 direct jobs, 11 indirect jobs and 8 jobs would be safeguarded.  Training places and apprenticeships would also be created.

The £2.5M project would see the creation of a seafood brokerage, 15 incubator pods, and the opening of a hospitality skills training centre in the town. Coquet Shorebase Trust would be relocated to the Braid, and a public walkway would be completed along the waterfront.

Director of Amble Development Trust Julia Aston said “If the application is successful, this will be a huge boost for the town. It’s an opportunity for our entrepreneurs and much needed help for our fishermen. The hospitality skills training centre also presents opportunities for young people, right on their doorstep.”

An old boat storage area would be transformed to house 15 incubator units for micro businesses.

Proposed site of  new Quayside plans

Proposed site of new Quayside plans

Landscaping around the area would also help direct walkers from the Town Square to the quayside.

Do the right thing

The plans were developed by a team of people from Northumberland County Council,  Amble Development Trust, Amble Town Council and business and community representatives.

Chef Richard Sim was also positive about the Harbour Village. “I’m more than behind this project, I definitely want to help” he said. He and Northumberland College would work together to create hospitality skills courses, tailor-made to meet the requirements of employers.

“Hospitality is the only growth industry in the area. It would be nice to see if we could move it forward. There’s lots of opportunity and I hope it goes ahead. It would make a huge difference to the whole area,” said Richard.

“Let’s hope the government does the right thing and approves the money for this scheme” said Amble’s Mayor Craig Weir. “It will be a great asset to the town and we would be able to look forward with great anticipation.

More harbour plans  at Coble Quay

Overhead plan of quayside development

Overhead plan of quayside development

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