Christmas Lights’ secretary Florence steps down

Posted on 13th March 2014 | in Community

amble-xmas-lightsAfter many years’ loyal service as Christmas Lights secretary, Florence Angus stood down and we would like to record appreciation for all she did.
Thank you Florence!  Now we have a new secretary, Angela Thompson at The Tavern.  She has already made her presence felt and has settled into the role in a very positive and dynamic way.  Welcome Angie!

From January 2013  many repairs and renewals were attended to. Then we spent many months upgrading our electricity supply. We were sometimes on the street three times a week until the work was completed in September.

The team has had a demanding year, but it was worthwhile. We have made new displays and have had positive feedback from many people.

The team has lost none of its enthusiasm, still retains its collective sense of humour and is already planning the displays for 2014.  If anyone out there wishes to join us, get in touch with Angela at the Tavern or ring me, Trevor, (details below).

On the night of the switch-on the parade was first class and the atmosphere was fantastic.  Thanks to all who made the effort!

When we had no secretary, I did the secretary’s duties, and I became aware of just how fortunate we are in Amble. I visited all the shops and businesses on Queen Street and some beyond, and the support from them was positive and generous.  In my sincere opinion there is an improving atmosphere and a positive feel to the shopping street of Amble. This has much to do with the people, but it is also down to the collective efforts of the businesses and their staff. I think they deserve some praise. “Well done!”

While there is not sufficient space to mention everyone that has supported us, special thanks must go to the town council, the businesses, shops and pubs, the Development Trust, the Rotary Club, the Freemasons, the churches, the market traders, Amble Action Group and last but not least, the individuals, who put their coins in the donation boxes or supported us in any way.

The lights team thank you all. It is appreciated and we hope you continue your support in 2014. It is our intention to run another tombola fundraiser on Sunday 3rd August 2014 at the Quayside market..If anyone has anything suitable to donate we shall be most grateful.

Donations could be left at the Tavern, Pride of Northumbria or alternatively ring Angie on 01665 713160 or Pauline on 01665 710846 or Trevor on 01665 711453.   Finally we hope you all have a healthy and happy 2014.

Trevor Colbourne,

Chairman of Amble Christmas Lights

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