St Cuthbert’s Pilgrimage

Posted on 14th March 2014 | in Community

St-Cuthberts-church-doorA pilgrimage is not just a physical journey but a journey of spiritual exploration – who we are and what we are about.

We live in an area filled with ancient sites; people follow pilgrimage trails to Lindisfarne, Bellingham, Melrose and many other places. Here in Amble the Parish Church is open every day, to give the opportunity for a mini pilgrimage right here on your door step.

When you go into St. Cuthbert’s you will see on the welcome desk a display card telling you about a mini pilgrimage you can take around the interior of the church.  Rather than being just a historical tour this walk will give you the opportunity to stop and think at 11 places about the things that matter to you, or to pray if you wish.

It has been written for people of all faiths and none, for people who are used to prayer and contemplation and those who have never done it before.   We want to be a resource for the whole town.

As a part of the experience we have started to develop a prayer corner. It is usually placed in the new open area that faces you as you walk through the main door. Every four to six weeks it is changed to reflect the changing seasons. Just after Christmas the theme was following a star – a chance to think about hopes for a new year. We hope that this will become a place where people can drop in for a few minutes peace and quiet and a chance to think and recharge spiritual batteries. People have already told us how helpful they find this chance to stop and connect with God.

If you do come in to the church during the week it would help us if you fill in our new visitor’s book. We want to know how you find the experience of coming in to St. Cuthbert’s when there isn’t a service happening and where prayer has been offered for over 140 years.

Sister Canon Penny Horseman C.A.

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