From the Ambler: Times, they are a changin’

Posted on 21st March 2014 | in Amble Town Council , Blogs , Business News , Community , Heritage & Tourism , News , What's On

This edition is packed with plans. Change is in the air; some are grand designs (Waiting with baited breath, Coble Quay: housing and retail, and Housing development intended for local people), while others are smaller but still significant alterations to our daily life. What if there was no police station and the officers were based in an office elsewhere in the town? What if local people were offered affordable houses, or had the chance to open a micro business here in town?

Some of the plans that you can read about in this issue could potentially change the lives of local people in a fairly short time; some plans, like the Tesco development have been in waiting so long we begin to wonder if they will happen at all (we are assured they will).

Either way, change is in the air and it is surely a very positive indication for the town. Economic “green shoots” may seem like an affirmation chanted by politicians in the South East, but actually, here in Amble new businesses are starting up and others have been able to expand (From launderette to Lorden design).

Plans of a different nature are in here too. ‘In Memory of the Fallen’ (Trust Life, and Amble Town Council) is a project about Amble during the First World War. If you have any photos of family memories of what life was like in the area from 1900 – 1925, please get in touch with us or with Amble Town Council.

And finally, I hope you’re dusting your feathers for another ‘puffin mad May’ as the second Amble Puffin Festival hopes to entertain locals and entice visitors to the town. If you would like to volunteer your help – it doesn’t have to be a lot of time – you will be very welcome.

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