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Cancer UK coffee morning
Amble fraudster caught
Parking woes in George Street
Christmas lights raffle thanks
Memorial Garden vandals
Will you sponsor Jodie?
Proud of father’s success

Cancer UK coffee morning

Thank you to all those who supported my November coffee morning for Pancreatic Cancer UK when £179.60p was raised. Special thanks to Ashley Simms (Body Shop at Home) for his help.

Penny Horseman   Leslie Drive,  Amble


Amble fraudster caught

Just after Christmas two people entered my Amble shop (21st Century Movies) on Queen Street and deliberately confused me to obtain change of £20.00 twice.

As they left I knew something was wrong but couldn’t work out what it was. I checked the CCTV cameras and immediately realised that I’d been done so reported it to the police.

When the police attended they viewed the CCTV and took my details. After circulating the CCTV images around the Northumbria force the main offender was recognised, charged and prosecuted.

This is a nice positive news story and demonstrates that crime doesn’t pay.

Rod Hardisty 21st Century Movies, Amble


Parking woes in George Street

I used to spend my holidays in Amble with my grandparents Jack and Mamie Davis, who ran the shop on the corner of Newburgh Street and Leslie Drive, and after coming back for a holiday with my wife two years ago we have retired here. It’s the best thing we have ever done.

We really love it apart from one thing, the car parking in George Street where we live. It’s an absolute shambles meaning that unless you are really lucky you will not be able to park outside your own house which is annoying when you return with a big shop or with your young grandson and it’s raining.

The main problem is that there are houses that have been turned into flats which has caused a rise in the number of cars. Also some homes have two cars. Surely the people in the flats could park one car in the back lane to ease the congestion in the main street.

I know a lot of people are really unhappy with the situation and something needs to be done as tempers are often frayed.

Perhaps there could be a permit system where if there are two cars in one property one should be parked in the back lane.

Surely it’s not asking too much to be able to park your car outside your front door.

George Street Resident (name and address supplied)


Christmas lights raffle thanks

The Christmas lights raffle raised £660 with thanks to:

Derek and Susan, The Schooner.
John and Suzanne, The Harbour Inn.
Neil Davison Windows.
Amble Sunday market.
Becks Ground Works.
Aquarious Bathrooms.
Mossman and Gillard.
Northern Structures
Bede Street Club.
Northern Training Partnership
Amble Angling Centre.
VG Food Store
John and Susan Kent.
Douglas Mossman.
Bev Bell.
Amble Scaffolding.
Also everyone who bought a ticket.
Thank you all for your support.

Amble Christmas Lights


Memorial Garden vandals


  1. The person or persons who have wilfully destroyed a section of the Memorial Garden in Amble Town Square.
  2. A tree and some bushes which had just been planted.

The location is the side of Lawson Street which has been used as a short-cut into the gardens to get access to the town, so saving about 15 seconds on their journey; instead of using the lane.
Over the past few years a willing group of volunteers have tried to repair the damage that time and neglect has brought to the town square.

The latest stage was to block off the unauthorised access from Lawson Street with plants and a barrier to allow the plants and tree to get established. The flower beds are now getting to a reasonable state but still have been damaged by the passage of people too lazy to pass along the Lane. Any ideas??

If those brave men who gave their lives so that you can carry out this sort of vandalism were here they would be insulted and disgraced to be associated with you. Let’s hope that none of the perpetrators have a relative inscribed on the Memorial!

I can’t say why these people behave this way, just to postulate that the 2nd World War was started by people who did not see anything, did not hear anything and did not bother to do anything. Is this how you see Amble?

Or is this the sort of activity which gives you joy in the dead of night? Mind you, pulling up the plants; then throwing them onto the high hedge beats me for logic.

Craig Weir     Chair, Pride in Amble


Will you sponsor Jodie?

I heard about the Little Princess Trust and decided to get 12 inches cut from my hair to send to them. They rely on hair donations to make wigs for children suffering from cancer and illnesses that cause hair loss.

Next time, on March 31, I have decided to get more than 12 inches cut off in aid of The Bubble Foundation, an organisation taking care of babies born without an immune system and children with leukaemia and severe forms of arthritis.

There are only two centres in the UK in Newcastle and Great Ormond Street. So please help me to raise money for such a great cause!

You can sponsor me by popping into House of Usher and leaving a donation or by visiting my just giving page at

Jodie Taylor, via email


Proud of father’s success

My father, 82 year old Keith J Wilson, who regularly visits relatives and friends in Amble and Alnwick, has just had his first historical novel published. It is a thrilling adventure set during the English Civil War.

I invite you to visit Keith’s website at and also to take a look at his Facebook page:

I am simply a son who is very proud of his father’s success after several years of hard work. It is a gripping tale of secrets, spies, romance, murder and mystery. With grateful thanks.

Adrian Wilson, via email


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