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Cyling for fitness and fun
Objection to Warkworth plans
War graves research needed
Help St Cuthbert’s Church
Recycling for charity

Cycling for fitness and fun

I ride for a club called G.S Metro which has members dotted all over the North East and a few in Scotland. It is a private group for more experienced cyclists.

I am also in the more family friendly orientated Alnwick Cycling Club which developed from the Breeze Bike Club based in Amble. It grew too big for the shop to maintain, so a new club was formed.

Three years ago I was 16 stone, I started riding road bikes training with Breeze Bikes Club and as I lost weight I started road racing all over the North East. My cycling has become more serious over the last two years. Especially this winter, I have started to use new training techniques, at Breeze2Fitness, where Mark Breeze has invested in specialist equipment. He runs spin bike classes based on general fitness for less enthusiastic cyclists and those looking for a generic fitness class but he also runs more performance cyclist training sessions on this equipment where people travel to have fitness tests performed and get training advice normally over the winter months.

I’ve spent many hours there this winter using the Wattbikes and it appears to be paying dividends. this was my second win of the season, the first being a time trial at Belsay. The race that was in the newspapers was a race based in Etal and on a hilly course that suited me. I believe there were 60 riders from all over the North East and many from Edinburgh, Glasgow etc.

I just thought it may be of interest and give cycling a bit of a promotion in the town. I will be racing again in Scotland against a few professionals so fingers crossed I can keep the form going.

Carl Donaldson
via email


Objection to Warkworth plans

I see the Duke of Northumberland has sent an appeal to the Secretary of State for Housing against the County Council’s rejection of his plan to build 32 houses on Barnes Road, Warkworth.

As one of those objecting to his plans I sent a letter to the Secretary’s office backing up all the previous objections.

Warkworth does not need the houses. There is no long term work in this area so they will end up as holiday homes and ruin the tranquil atmosphere we have here. If His Grace wishes to do something for the area then look at ways to create work for the youngsters leaving school.

Peter Little


War graves research needed

I was wondering if any or your readers would be willing to help me. As 2014 is 100 years since the start of World War 1, I am undertaking a project to photograph, record and document the headstones of those service personnel who gave their lives in the two world wars.

Would any of your readers be willing to visit their local cemetery and photograph the gravestones, providing details of the cemetery. Photographs to show the front of the headstone so that all names and details can be recorded. If so please email details to me.

Thank you.

Clive Roberts


Help St Cuthbert’s Church

The Parish Church is looking for voluntary help. Are you interested in collecting statistics?

As part of our community consultation we need someone who could help collect data from existing statistical sources (mainly on line, eg census data). If you would like to consider doing this or want more details please contact Penny Horseman


Recycling for charity

Thank you to all who have donated items to recycle for charity. We collect all year round and would be grateful for any further donations.

We recycle the following – usable clothes (or clean material), duvets, quilts, pillows, sheets, curtains, leather shoes, mobile phones, ink cartridges, postage stamps, old coins (of any kind), spectacles, cassettes, CDs, vinyl records, VHS videos, DVDs, working televisions and HiFi.

If you wish to donate, please do so to Evelyn at 21 Newmoor Close, Amble or Janice at Treetops, Station Road, Warkworth. Please telephone 712 579 or 714 758 if collection required or if donating bulky items.

Details of charities for 2013-4 are on Recycling in Warkworth & Amble

Janice Charlton, James Cox, Evelyn and Michelle Dodd


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