Children were a credit

Posted on 22nd May 2014 | in Community , Education , St Cuthberts First School

‘Inadequate’ might be the Ofsted word for St Cuthbert’s First School. It is certainly not the parish’s.
The church of Sacred Heart and St. Cuthbert celebrated the feast day of their church and of our great northern saint, with a Mass said by Bishop Seamus Cunningham and Fr. Malcolm assisted by our parish school. Assisted is almost an understatement for the tremendous contribution made by such young pupils.  They presented the dedication of the Mass to St. Cuthbert; they provided all the readings – Epistle, Gospel, intercession prayers and hymns. They carried all this out with quiet confidence – a tribute to their acting head Nicola Givens, her staff, and parents.
We are grateful to them all for this memorable visit made even more so by the presence of Bishop Seamus who entertained them with anecdotes at the end of the Mass.
Everyone was entertained in the Parish Hall afterwards with soft drinks, coffee and biscuits.

Lou Pickering

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